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Nynorn in general, Shetland Mainland and Foula&Westside Nynorn
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Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:06 am

1 en
2 tver
3 trir
4 fyre
5 fimm
6 seks
7 sjø
8 åtta
9 nie
10 tie
11 ellive
12 tolv
20 tuttu (Ork.)

No. 20 is only found iside Ork. Norn, therefore I would suggest *tjugu or *tjuo as the Nynorn "standard" (how much I hate this word), based on Far. tjúgu, Nor. tjue and Swed. tjugo.

Also, when counting, the neutral forms of 1, 2 and 3 are found, for example, in Far. and Ice. too, so that ett, tvø and tru should be used in the very same way.

Concerning tens 30 ~ 90, I suggest:
30 *triati
40 *før(u)ti
50 *fim(m)ti
60 *seksti
70 *sjøt(t)i
80 *ått(at)i
90 *nieti

as well as *hundrað (100), *tusund (1000) and so on.

To form the other numbers, we shouldn't stick to the main scandinavian (mainly danish-imposed) to write units in front of tens, then moving on the "purer" and easier opposite way, with or without the separator og:
21 *tjugu en
32 *triati tver
43 *føruti trir
54 *fimmti fyre
65 *seksti fimm
76 *sjøtti seks
87 *åttati sjø
98 *nieti åtta
and so on...

Re: Numerals

Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:43 pm

These numerals are already done and you'll see them when the next 3 lessons are finally placed on the webpage. More or less it's the same as your guesses, one big difference is that there should be 'og' between tens and ones.
I preferred to use 'tuttu' for 20 because it originates from Old Norse 'tuttugu' and because words from Orkney or Shetland have priority over words from Faroes or Norway.
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