3.8. Valafjell, Norn text from Shetland
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Author:  Ljun [ Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:45 am ]
Post subject:  3.8. Valafjell, Norn text from Shetland

Valafjell is one of many surviving text-fragments of Shetland Norn

It comes in 3 versions:

It was recorded on Fetlar Island, and is (a song?) about fishing around the North Isles (Unst, Yell & Fetlar) in Shetland. Valafjell (Valla Field) is a hill (mountain) on Unst and it overlooks the sound between Unst and Yell.

I've tried to 'rewrite' this song into Nynorn, based on the interpretation others have made of it.

Here goes:

Norn recording
Valafiel wiz tòrt u bruta
hòfatu wiz o hàla
fræm såkketu dafa våaggedu nòit
æn rude krin de jàla

Nynorn correction & spelling
Valafjell var trøtt og brått
havtu[ge] var åhårdað
fram søktu daga, vågdu nått
og ruðdu kring um Jala

English translation
Valla Field was labourious and steep
ocean fog was persistent
[we] sailed out in daylight, rested at night
and rowed around Yell.

Any other suggestions?

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