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A place to discuss the known texts in Norn
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1.4. A colloquy between a home-owner and his servant

Sun Jan 30, 2011 2:10 am

Hallo onybody, the new forum is up and running, so it's about time to start discussing and decoding the existing Norn texts... Let's begin with one of the simplest ones, "Kwarna farna":


- Kwārna fārna?
- Fārna sikən a droka?
- Fārna radna sikən a droka?

Old Norse:

- Hvar [hvert] ertu farinn?
- Farinn ??? at drekka?
- Farinn ??? at drekka?


- Where have you been?
- I have been to get something to drink (a drink)
- Have you been up in the roof to get something to drink?


The question No. 1 is, what are the Old Norse prototypes of these 2 words:

radna (roof?)
sikən (something)

Jakobsen doesn't mention where this dialogue comes from. Supposedly from Foula. In this case we can treat radna as *ranna. Is it connected to Gothic razn 'house' (ON granni 'neighbour' < *ga-raRn-a, rannsaka 'research < search in the house')?

Later I'll post my thoughts on the rest of the words.
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