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2.3. Another nursery rhyme ("Bis bis byo")

Tue Apr 12, 2011 7:57 pm


Bis bis byo
Bulva reeka tyo
Tak laigen
Slogan veggin
Bulva reeka tyo

Variant form:

Bøn vil ikkə tīæ
tak an læggən
slōgan væggən
bøn vil ikkə tīæ


JJ: "Bulva reeka" is evidently a corruption of "boņ(ə) vil ikə" 'the child will not (be quiet)'. Cf. a Faroese rigmarole (Antikvarisk tidsskrift, 1851, p. 322), beginning: "Rura rura barnið" - and containing the lines: "vil ikki barnið tiga, so tak um legg og slá í vegg - so skal barnið tiga" - If the bairn will not be quiet, take it by the leg and hit it against the wall - that will make it be quiet.

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