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2.5. Cradle song ("Vallilu")

Wed Apr 13, 2011 4:09 pm


Vallilū ěga sôəro a sigg˙˙alin˙
leka tu sa frūa a mōrnin a gib˙˙əlin˙

Old Norse:

leikr [JJ:leikar] þú svá frór [frár] um morgunin geiplandi


are you playing so blithe and gay in the morning, waving your arms about? [making vigorous mouthing efforts to take the nipple]


vallilu - L.Sc. balow 'hush-a-bye'
suro [sôəro] - Nor. SW su-ru, a word with which children are hushed asleep
siggalin - ? *seyglingr or soglingr < súga 'to suck', cf. Nor. sogbarn 'suckling' + -ling from Eng. suckling
gibbelin < Nor. geipla 'to make wild gestures with the arms; to make greatlip movements'

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