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Technical questions, introductions and other non-linguistic topics that has to do with the "Norn Language" and "Norn-English" websites & this forum
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Sun Nov 06, 2011 3:30 am

Due to utterly annoying spamming attacks in the recent days (today we got 140 spam topics within a couple of hours) and clinical reluctance of Forumup's management to move their little finger and take the simplest technical measures to stop this flood of spam I have decided to restrict access to all the five forums by making them private. This means that everyone still can browse and read all forums and posts on our board, but if you want to post something or reply to an existing thread, you should ask the admin, i.e. me, to add you to the list of accepted users.

All users registered by now have already been added to this list. But if you have noticed that you cannot post to a forum or even can't see it, then let me know by PM or through the contact page at http://nornlanguage.x10.mx/index.php?contact .

If you are a new user, then let me know as soon as you're registered via PM or email and I will add you to the list ASAP.
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