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Technical questions, introductions and other non-linguistic topics that has to do with the "Norn Language" and "Norn-English" websites & this forum
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Optimisation completed

Wed Apr 27, 2011 1:55 am

Just to let everyone know that I've finished the optimisation of the code of our website. Hope everything works, if no then let me know asap please (especially if links are broken or something is missing). All pages take now much less webspace than before (in certain cases their size has decreased by 80%!) and must download faster on low-speed internet connections or when accessed through mobile networks. There's still a few small things to work around until everything is completed, but you'll hardly notice the difference.

I also corrected a lot of small mistakes and misprints. The Nynorn section has been changed, and from now on begins with "Nynorn philosophy" to be succeeded by "Introduction" and not the other way round, like it used to be. "Nynorn philosophy" has also been slightly changed and extended. Finally, a new quote on the Orkney intonation with relation to Norwegian is added to the "Velkomen" introduction page about Norn.
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