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Hey everyone,

I know Orkney Nynorn is not a priority but after having tried to reconstruct it for a while now I'd like to pose a couple of questions that I believe might prove relevant even for Shetland Nynorn.

The first one is about vowel length. while studying words that I consider to be "pure" norn survivors in Orkney, I noticed that some words had preserved long vowels, like eeskyie ['i:skji] from ON ýskja, ooma ['u:ma] from ON úmagr and shaun [şo:n] from sjón. I was wondering if we should adopt accents to orthography these sounds > ýski, úmag, sjón.

The other thing that bugs me in the current orthography for Orkney is the use of þ. Isn't it a bit risky to adopt this as the evolution of ON ð, when most examples have ð > t or complete loss, and the sound þ" was reinduced in Orkney during the 18th century I think and replaced "ð", "t" and "d" in a fairly large number of words?

I can't think of more questions right now but I may update this topic as they pop up.

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