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ag nn.  movement forward, drift; ag nordesten frå wave-motion from north-east; norden-/sudenag; hannj er ag her; dað er ikke ag å fiskenon the fish will not bite

aga vw. 1. to have feelings of sickness; 2. be obliged to vomit

agga vw. to incite; sudenvinden aggaði fisken til strandanar

agbånd nn. care for and interest in something; at taka mukkið agbånd i e-u

agisom adj. frightful               

agla vw. to dirty; at agla veð lorgi [skiti]

agla vw. 1. to get to blaze; at agla upp birteken get the fire blaze up; 2. to work energetically;at agla inn i hvara vinnu

agment nn. anxiety, unrest

aker nm. 1. corn(field): aker og hø corn(field) and hay; 2. stalks of corn; 3. something destroyed; at leggja i aker to crush, destroy

akkel nm. shoulder

ala vs. 1. to feed; du hever alið kuna;  2. to rear, support; 3. to entice

ali nn. young domestic animal 

all pron. 1. all; 2. neu: over: dað er alt it is over; alt i sennall at once

altra vw. to hesitate; at altra at gera e-t, hann myn ikke altra at gera dað

amla vw. 1. to make little progress; 2. dabble at job; at amla at e-u

amos nn. 1. alms; 2. pitiful creature; hannj myn vinna at amosi ut inn under sten; jift kirkjan å Nesi vinner amos so at vi få sikken fisk

amp nn. restlessness

and nf. 1. breath; 2. last breath; to blag de a. at blaga andena to die, to draw one's a. to worry one to death

andelukknn. 1. accident, misfortune; dað er andelukk falljen uppå då they met with an accident; 2. sudden ilness; jift ikke andelukk ber til [kemer å, sker] kuanar

andi nm. 1. strong smell; 2. breath                 

andor nn. small porch, penthouse; hannj lagdi dað uppå andor hussens

andu vw. 1. to oppose; 2. to keep a boat against stream with oars                 

anker nm. dry measure; anker taatiss

annjehvar, fem. adrahvara 1. pron. every second one; 2. annjehvart adj. irregular, changeable, unsteady, chopping; hann bleser annjehvart

ansa vw. to heed, look after, mind, care about; aldri ansa hannj! nevermind him!;eg (myn) ansa ikke idag I don't care today; ansa dog! look out! be on y. guard!

ansilig adj. helpful                

ansperr nn. stiffnes in the limbs; at få ansperre

ante, ende adv. even, yet, still                       

aper adj. sharp, distinct

apra vw. 1. to sharpen; 2. to liven up; 3. to get to blaze; at apra up birteken to get the fire to blaze

apra vw. (ON aptra) 1. to detain, hinder; 2. to change one's mind; 3. to obey orders: hunden myn ikke apra; er hannj en gud aprandi hund?; devilin apri dog devil take you!

apta nn. eve of a feast; Tammasmessapta; Toljegsapta

ar, erk (Ork) nn. small particle

ar nn. scar, scratch

ard adj. covered with scratches

ark nf. chest; case

arra vw. to move feebly and lifelessly; at arra um [gånga arrandi um]to walk with difficulty, totter about; dað var alt, de kundu kenna, dað var arrandi they could just tell that the tide was moving

arg adj. 1. evil, bad; arg uppå e-t; 2. very desirous of something, eager

arga vw. to talk ill-temperedly; de argaðu en muti adron

argeri nn. angry, importunate crowd

argosi nn. malice, anger

arm nm. 1. arm; 2. tail-end 

arm adj. poor, wretched

arv nm. inheritance

arvhus nn. large or high-class house

asek nm. a closely woven straw-basket

aska nf. 1. haze; 2. mist; aska uppå [øver] landið

assu nn. rough, rainy weather

at prep. at, to, by; at hava ilt (illvilja) at e-on to bear ill will; hvat hever du at honon? what have you against him?; at vara vel at sjer sjallon to be in good condition; at standa at sjer to move aside; upp at - up; against, alongside: at standa upp at veggenon; geve mjer tag at give me a helping hand/push the boat; tage hannj at!stick her (the boat) at! - after landing (pull); nord at in a northerly direction, northward; sud [sør] at in a southerly direction; upp at upward, northward; up against, up by; vinden er faren upp at the wind is gone a little more to the north; ballestenen er sten fyri elden til at seta balla upp at (see balli)

at conj. that; eg kennji at du myn gera dað

atbørð nm. behaviour; gera illan adbørd [illa adbørdi]

atdraga vs. to draw towards oneself = at geva e-on atdrag

atferð nf. behaviour, conduct, manners; often pl.: atferðer

atkoma nf. appearance, arrival; fyrsta atkoma av grundeni impression formed of the fishing-ground

attel nf. 1. arrangement; 2. entertainment

atlaga nf. taking hold vigourously, performing a task strongly

attaljosnn. 1. daybreak, dawn, twilight; 2. daybreak in the summer;attaljos i mynni

attekasten adj. (ON kasta aptr) cast off, rejected

attekast nn. 1. queer, foolish, helpless person, rejected; 2. resistance

atte, åita (ON aptan) 1. prep. G at the back of; 2. adv. behind; en kemer atten drilljande one (tail) comes dangling behind

av prep. of

avboden adj. distasteful

avbregð, avbrigð nn. 1. sheep-mark; 2. variant

avbregget adj. marked anew, altered

avgeng, avgång nm. 1. accomplishment; 2. conclusion; 3. departure

avhenta vw. to assign, transfer

avhyda vw. to flay

avkleda vw. to undress

avkom nn. offspring

avada vs. to unload

avlag nn. fluency of speech

avljuta vw. to make ugly, defacing

avlynns adv. at sea fishing

avlådna vw. to unload, discharge

avrå vs. to dissuade: at afrå e-n frå e-u, at afrå e-n ikke at gera e-t

avråk nn. offshore tide

avsadla vw. to unsaddle

avsetten adj. repulsive, distasteful

avskerri nn. remote skerry, rock

avtak nn. improvement: aftak i vedri improvement in the weather

avtekja(avtesja) vw. to unthatch

avunavara adj. at random, haphazardly < å vun og vara; at gera e-t (uppå) avunavara

avvinning nm. finishing (of a a work)


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