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ebb nn. (L.Sc. ebb, ON fjara) foreshore

ed nn. 1. isthmus; 2. neck of land, narrow strip of land between 2 seas or firths

eder nn. 1. venom, poison; 2. sharp [cancer, bitter] cold; 3. a mythical fish, 'sea-serpent'; at fljuka sen eder to make rapid headway

edjek nm. eddy, branch from a main current

efter prep. (D) 1. after: at biða efter e-on to wait for someone; 2. towards, along;

nord [sud] efter in northerly direction;øver efter towards that side, in efter inwards, 'ut efter outward; ut 'efter all the time after, right through, from beginning to end: lat deir reda dað upp, sen de kunna, or sibba efter let them arrange or settle it as they're able to, or are related;

efterbåt nm. 1. boat which can't keep up with others; 2. person inferior to another

efterkast nn. afterclap

eftergerd nf. 1. forgery, imitation, counterfeit work; 2. discoveringof stolen goods by witchcraft

efterman nm. folower; successor

efterstander nm. something left standing

eg pron. pers. I: A mog, D mjer, pl. vi, AD us

eg nm. 1. chastisement, correction; 2. deserts

egg nn. 1. egg; 2. birds egg

egg nf. edge

egga vw. 1. to egg; 2. to drive; 3.  to incite; at egga samen

ei interj. eh! ha!

eing nf. property

eken adj. thin, meagre

eld nm. fire

elderin adj. elderly

el nn. (ON él) strong current of air or draught

elska vw. to love

elsket adj.: elsket eg! wearied I!

elta vw. (past elti) 1. to squeeze, handle too roughly; 2. to pull about; 3. to chase, pursue; at elta smor to be very long aboot doing something; at elta å e-t to dig ground; de elta at taatis they are eagerly occupied in taking up the potatoes

elta vw. to spew, vomit

en num. one; neu. et

ende part. yet, still, even now; cf. ante

endlang adj. at full length, from end to end

endmark nn. the farthest boundary

enfald adj. 1. single, of a single part; 2. simple

eng nf. meadow

engskipti 1. ameadow-lot; 2. allotted piece of meadow

enjd nm. breath; at draga enjdena

enk, jenk nf. 1.possesion;2. dedication; 3. sweaheart; hon havdi aldri jenk she never had a boyfriend

enka vw. 1. to dedicate; 2. to allow; at enka djurið uppå et mannligt namn to give an animal a human name

ennji nm. steep projection or slope


a vw. to heed, care for

entig adj. obedient

er nf. (ON æra) honour, glory; alt veri er til din (jer)! may all your wishes be fulfilled! ill er veri til hans!shame to him!

er nf. flat sand-bank

erdros nm. old Shet. wooden plough

erendlos adj. without errand; dað er sagda ikke erendi at hava sent dog heryou have surely not come here exept on an important errand

erga vw. to irritate, tease;at erga uppå e-t

erik nm. yearling

ering, hering nm. a boat rowed by oars

ern nm. eagle

erpa, jarpa vw. 1. to be prudish, turn up one´s nose, 2. to constantly becomplaining;

at erpa um e-t to be always asking for something; 3. to harp upon the same subject;

at erpa uppå e-t to keep on asserting something incorrect; at jarpa uppå to repeat the same question

erskið nn. mouldboard (of a plough)

erta vw. 1. to irritate, tease; 2. provoke

erta vw. to strive forward

es nf. fiercely blaming fire

esing nm. lower, interiour part of a roof

Essja nf. ash-coloured cow

esten adv., adj.subst. 1.  east; 2. eastern, from eastside

esterkop nn.fine paid every third of a year

estra vw. to become easterly (of a wind)

esterlig adj. easterly

et nn. 1. agitation; 2. excited state of mind; at vara i eti øver e-t

et nn. eating:dað er et å fiskenon

eta vs. to eat;

etandi - eadible;

at eta upp to penetrate, worry, make envious or malicious; uppeten filled with angry

eter nn. 1. venom, posion; 2. cancer, bitter cold

eterkap nn. large spider

eterskab nm. bitterly cold weather

etersom adj. bitterly cold

Eti nm. name for a goblin (Eater?); Eti [Gonni] myn taka dog!

ettri adj. (ON eptri, aptari) latter (half): dimsens ettri the later half of midsummer night

ev nn. doubt, irresolution

eva vw. to doubt

evalig adj. doubtful, not to rely upon

evla vw. to master, be able to

even nn. 1. material;2. matter, means; hannj hever gert dað ut av litlu evni he's done it out of (with) little resources

ever nn. (ON œrinn, yfrinn 'excessive') being or thing of a very large size

eviltu interj. live it alone! (exclam.) < ei, viltu!


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