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fadabrod nn. old, partly broken object

fader, faðir nm. father

fallj nn. current in the sea;

infallj flowing tide;

utfallj ebbing tide 

fallja vs. to fall

fallja at to fall asleep, slumber

fallja fyri to occur to one:


fellj fyri mjer! it came into my mind

fallja frå 1. to fall off; 2. to forsake; 3. to die

falljauppå to begin to lose freshness (fish, meat);


er falljen upå

fallj nn. 1. fall; 2. downfall, lameness

fanga vw. to tie a knot; at fanga upp linena

fang nn. 1. grasp, hold; 2. knot; 3. prize, booty, profit

fann nn. heap fo drifted snow de snaw lies in fanns

far nn. epidemic

far nn. vessel, boat

far nn. time, round;fyrsta farið! annar (farið)! first round! second (round)! (in children's games)

faren adj. gone, passed away, old-fashioned, obsolete

fasgerd, fasgård nm. 1. wall of peats; 2. length of pleated straw; 3. long rag dragged behind: hvatna fasgerd er dað, at du dreger efter djer?

fasgårda vw. to repair a straw-basket (kessi) sewing a new bottom

fallsjon nn. epidemic

Fasten nf. Quinquagesima

fasta vw. to fasten

fatgud nm. butter and train-oil, paid as a tax to a feudal

feda vw. to have a severe, fierce look

fedek nm. 1.bucket; 2. waterpail

fedmel nf. thick woman

feg, fåg 1. beautiful; 2. sun T

feg, fej adj. dying

fegska nf. supernatural vision portending death

fellj, fjellj nn. 1. mountain; 2. height

fellja vw. to strike

felljo nm. 1. mate, an equal; 2. companion

fema vw. to float as a layer on the water (of oil)

fena vw. to show delight, receive hospitably; eg fena hannj ikke I could not bear him

fenlig adj. pleasant, attractive

ferd nf. 1. travel, journey; dað kom til ferdar [ferdeks] it was a nice journey (ironically);2.speed, great haste (also fjerd);

at gånga veð muklari fjerd; dað er fjerd å honon

ferd, fjørd nn. 1. a person of value or importance; 2. good compensation

ferda vw. to walk quickly; at gånga ferdandi; hvarna ferder du til? sjuven ferdaði burt veð sinu fragi

ferdalek nm. journey or errand resulting badly; dað kom til ferdaleks

ferdebord nm. great haste or bustle

ferdig adj. 1. in good condition; 2. still active; 3. ready, prepared

ferdimet nm. provisions for a journey

fifla vw. to act foolishly

fifler nm. foolosh person

fillafjoga nf. nothing turning out; dað gekk fiflafljoga veð honon everything gone wrong with him

filska vw. 1. to make fun; 2. to make fun; at filska veð stoljkon

filska nf. 1. foolery, sillyfun; 2. flighty behaviour

finna vs. 1. to find; 2. to feel; eg fann guvið av hans anjd I felt his breath; at finna kalt [gott, ilt]; fu finner du? how do you feel?

firdet adj. lost, disappeared (in spite of search)

firl nn. ridiculous new fashion in dress

fisk nm. fish

fiskafjel nf. fish-board, partition in a boat to prevent fish from slipping

fiskalig adj. suitable for fishing; dað er ikke fiskaligt i dag the weather is not good for fishing today

fiskarroe nm. unlike or unbecoming a practical fisherman

fisket adj. out of order, tangled

fitgeng, fitgång nm. cattle track

fitja vw. to plait or twist into each other

fivla vw. to cover thinly; at fivla uppå kost

fjagers interj. hang it!; fy upon it! = exclamation of annoyance

fjala vw. 1. to hide oneself; 2. disappear

fjaldrekar interj. exclamation of surprise

fjalsgård nm. fence, division, marking boundary parts of a out-field

fjandi nm. devil; fjandin siter i dinon hanjdon! confound it! hang it!

fjansken interj. oath, exclamation: confound it! hang it!; fjansken uppå ita ting! may fortune attend that child!

fjarsken 1.nm. devil; 2. interj. outburst, anger: hvatna er fjarsken veð djer?

fjasken adj. desirous, greedy;

fisken er ikke fjasken the fish won't bite

fjedemor nm.poor butter

fjel nf. board, esp. plank in a boat

fjoda nf. short skirt; esp. skirt with a bodice

fjog nn. loose substance, dust

fjoga vw. to grind, crush

fjomtan num. fifteen, 15

fjora nf. edd, foreshore

fjorahvarf nn. absense of ebb

fjord nm. 1. firth; 2. extensive fishing-ground

fjord nm. 1. crowd; 2. multitude

fjorek nm. pet name for a little child: oh du piri fjorek! darling, my little life!

fjorken adj. 1. nimble; 2. active; fisken er ikke fjorken

fjosket adj. slovenly, untidy

fjårka vw. to move nimbly in a wheedling orcoquettish manner

fla nn. (ON flag) thin, pared off heather- or grass-turf

flakra vw. 1. to play fond pranks; 2. to fool; at flakra veð stoljkon

flatja vw. 1. to flatten, press down; 2. strike to the ground

flemper nn. passion, excited state of mind

flemster, flemter nn. a rushing along in a confused hurry

flet nm. patch of cultivated land, strip of arable or grass land

flinder nn. splinter; shaving; thin slice

flingset adj. giddy, wild

flinsja sog vw. to lie basking in the sunshine

flitja vw. 1. to move aside; 2. move oneself; 3. to carry

flitman nm. porter

flo nm. 1. swampy place, morass; 2. sea T

floga vw. to throw, let fall

floga nf. fly; longafloga, swartafloga

flogadriftnf. (confused) haste, speed

flokk nm. crowd, multitude

flokner, flukner nm. (ON árflognir 'raven poet.', *flognir) fowl T

floraskit nn. unsuccessful work

flosa vw. to flirt, coquet, dally

floti nm. small ferryboat, raft

fluka, fljuka vs. to fly off, fall off

fluki nm. little fellow; to a child: min piri fluki!

flukra nf. 1. quantity of big snowflakes; 2. occas. snowflake

flurakavi nm. dense snow

fløda vw. (past fløddi) to reach high water

flød, flørd nf. speed, great haste

flødferd nf. great hurry, speed

foga vw. to drift (of dense snow); fogandi [murandi] kavi  dense falling snow, snow-storm

fogbord nm. dense snow-storm

folekar nm. folk, people, esp. men T

folgja, foldja 1. annual pension; 2. abundant provisions; 3. long time, eternity

foiljda vw. to wrap oneself in clothes; foiljdet; foiljdet um andlitið

fomma vw.1. to smoke; 2. to drift; 3. to escape (of a smoke); guven fommar ut um dørnar; hannj fommar ut guvena; fommandi kavi

foni nm. fire T

for(ð) nm.(ON forði) a find of great value

for prep. (Dan, Nor for) for;

hvat for mannj er hannj? what kind of man is he?

ford nf. poor result;dað kom til pørligara fordar it didn´t succeed

forgeng, forgång nm. foreboding, supernatural appearance of a person; see fegska

forken-metet nm. delicious, savoury food

forkop nn. 1. lawman's salary; 2.taxes constituting the lawman's salary

forlegen adj. thoroughly exhausted, weakened

forrum nn. forehold in a boat

fors nm. waterfall

forsend nf. snell on a fishing-line

formela vw. (ON fyrirmæla) to consecrate, sanctify forspoken water (holy water)

forsukn nf. piece of iron or whalebone fixed to a sinker on a fishing-line

fosens interj. exclamation of surprise: oh min fosens! oh my gracious!

foud nm. (ON foguti) 1. bailiff, prefect; 2. president of supreme court

foudrí nn. (Dan. fogderi) 1. bailiff's district, bailiwick; 2. office of bailiff (great foud)

frad nm. fart

fradavw. to fart

frek nm. feeble, delicate person

fråsaga 1. tale, narrative; 2.rumour

frag nn. 1. person or thing of value; 2. good bargain; dað er frag that's a great deal; at gera frag ut av e-on to make a good profit (partly ironically)

fram adv. 1. forward; 2. forward to the stem of a boat; 3. away from the shore out to sea; at seta ut fram to head towards the high seas; hannj er fram setting seawards (tide); fram veð (forwards) along; at vara frammito be out at dep-sea fishing;

fram av in front of, farther out at sea; in games: at vara frammi to be forward; comp.

framer farther out at sea opposed to hemer: fremer Sedeken - hemer Sedeken

framhav nn. deap-sea fishing grounds; at gånga til framhavs = at gånga fram

framsida nf. foreside

fremd nf. foreign countries

fremd adj. strange, not akin

frend nm. kinsman, relative;see blødfrind

frest nn. poor attempt to carry out a piece of work

frest nn. respite, time spent in waiting

fresta vw. 1. to afford; 2. to attempt, try; 3. to dispense with

fresta vw. 1. to delay, postpone; 2. to have a respite;3. to wait (Conn.)

fro nn. 1. seed of a plant; 2.anthers in a flower

frod nf. froth, foam, esp. sea-foam

frolik nm. (ON fróðleikr) old magic rigmaroleor formula

fromli adj. neat,orderly

fron nm. superstition, magic formula

fru nf. 1. woman; 2. wife T

frøtt nf. (ON frétt) 1. sooth-saying;2. superstitious belief, customs and spells; 3. news

frå prep. from; at sija frå

fugl, ful nm. bird

fuglekavi nm. dense snow-storm

ful adj. 1. foul, uncertain; 2.angry, annoyed

fullek nm. fool force, speed

fumlig adj. big, unshapely, gross in appearance

fund, fynd nm. a find,  something found

fungli adj. 1. generous; 2. open-handed

fusom adj. eager, industrious

futra vw. 1. to check; 2. to prevent; 3. stand in one's way

futvark nm. 1. pain in the feet; 2. much trudging about

fyrering nm. four-oared boat

fyri prep. for;

alt fyri et just this minute (Fær. alt fyri eitt)

fyrebord nm. apparition coming as a (supernatural) warning; gekk til fyrebordar came to nothing, vane hope

fyrfoder nm. cat T (the four-footed one)

fyrsmå nf. 1. contempt, outrage, neglect; 2. small triffling present, triffle

fyrsmå vw. 1. to diminish, lessen; 2. disregard; 3. insult;a firsmjoin body

fyrst num. first

føra vw. (ON fœra) to convery, carry; du mynt føra sen du finner be content with what you have or get

førd nf. 1. hurry;2. unsuccessful result (=misførd); de vuru å muklari (mis)førd

førda vw. (ON ferðask) 1. to wander; 2. to get on [along] in a certain manner; 3. to thrive; at førda gott/ilt to behave; hannj førdaði vel he was well received

vs. 1. to get, receive; 2. procure; få mjer dykk!

fång nn. embrace

fångsnåra nf. violin (old-fashioned) = gju [gu, gø] 2-stringed violin

fångstrång nm.the first string of a violin

fåren adj. 1. gone away; 2. set off; fu er du fåren? what luck have you had? eg er fåren øver vel I've fared very well


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