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habagoitlek nm. (Eng. habit + ON kot) miserable dweling, hut, small house

habbi-gabbi nm./adv. haphazard, chance; at leka [kasta] habbi-gabbi

hada vs. (ON hata) 1. to hate; 2. to treat smb as a thief

hadersvisi, -vissi nm.stunt; miserable lean animal

hads interj. at him! (to a dog); see hauts/hawots

hag nm. 1. state, condition; ill hag komi til din!; 2. order; du hever gert pørligan hag av di; 3. management; at hava hag veð e-t to economize; de havdu ikke hag uppå dað they lived beyond their income; 4. control; eg heve ikke hag å djer I can't manage you!;

haga vw. 1. to manage (well); 2. to keep house economically; 3. to save; 4. to cease; 5. to decrease

hag(a)lig adj. 1. careful, convenient; 2. proper; 3. fine; neg. uhagalig

haglig adv. 1. carefully, conveniently; 2. properly; 3. finely; du er komið hagligt isa tið you've done it finely this time

haglos adj. 1. wanting in economy; 2. immoderate, wasteful; 3. boundless; haglosa havið

hagmark nn. boundary mark

hagrið nf. (ON hagríða, hagreið) ride on the hill, beating the bounds

hagri, hageri, hågri nf. 1.a long list of something; 2. flow of words; 3. memoirs; 4. use; 5. application; 6. advantage; 7. (bad) conclusion or use

hakka vw. 1. to hack, hew asunder; 2. to dig up

hald nn. 1. hold, grip; 2. handle

halda vs. (imp. halt!) 1. to hold, keep; at halda hus; 2. to steer, head; at halda nord [sud, imuti] etc; 3. to maintain, mean; at halda gångandi 1. to handle roughly; 2. to fling aside; keep going; 4. to celebrate; at halda jøl; halt dina hanjd!stop that! Halt dinar henjder and take blag! Stop work and keep a rest! halt(u) gångu! stop your gait [speed]!; halda sog: haltu dog at djer! move aside a little! haltu dog stilt! be silent [stand still!, stop!]; pp. halden 1. in a state; 2. treated

halda af to stop execution of something

halda at to persist eagerly in an undertaking

halda frå 1. to steer away or aside; 2. draw off

halda fram to head towards the high seas

halda innj to pull towards the shore

halda til 1. to frequent; 2. to stay in a place; 3. to last, continue; 4. to be the same; fu helder du til nu?; 5. to head, set off in a direction; 6. to keep shut

halda upp 1. to support for life; 2. (cf. Fær. halda uppat) to cease

halda ut 1. to endure; 2.  to hold out

halda við 1. to endure; 2. hold out, go on; 3. to consent, agree with somebody

halda å to stop; haltu å litið!

haldkessa nf. large straw-basket with handles each side       

hali nm. 1. tail; 2. cow T

hallj nm. (ON hallr) rock, stone

hallj nm. (ON halli) inclination (of a heavy boat); dað er hallj å båtenon

hals nm. 1. neck; 2. bottom-board

halsband nm. collar

halsgirt nf. neck-lock

halslokk nm. neck-lock

halt nn. halting, limping gait

halta vw. to halt, limp

haltadans nm. halting dance (of fairies); at halda haltadans

halt adj. lame, limping; halti nm. lame or limping person

hams(t) adj. 1. confused; 2. unruly;3. queer; 4. foolish

hana, hannja (ON hérna, þarna?) interj. here! come here!

hanjd nf. 1. hand;2. handful; 3. side, edge; 4. five in number; i hanjd, at henjdi, anjdi 1. at hand, near; 2. fast approaching; at koma i hanjd/til hanjdar to be at hand, happen, appear, to arrive on the spot; at koma vel/ilt til hanjdar to turn out well or not; de eru komen ilt til hanjdar they didn't succeed; guð hanjd, uppå mina hanjd! upon my soul [honour]!

hanjdaklapp nn. loud noise; halda hanjdaklapp um e-t

hanjdalos nm. without a hand/arm;

hanjdel nf. 1. objects;2. belongings; 3. gear; 4. goods; 5. luggage

hanjdla vw. to handle

hanjd(a)gripp nn. firm grip with the hand

hanjd(a)kruppan nf.def. 1. slap on the hand; 2. children's game

hanjdi nm. 1. (unnamed person) he whom you know; 2. shark T

hanjdmel nn. (ON handmál, -mæli) 1. certain quantity of corn; 2. handmeasure

hanjdrista vw. (ON handhrista) 1. to separate corn by rubbing it; 2. to overhaul

hanjdsel nn. something given with good wishes; eg myn geva djer mitt hanjdsel

hannj pers. pron. he; hannj dagar; dað er hannj fram fyri henni there's a boat ahead of ours

hannana interj. look out! keep clear!

hanvaga vw. (ON andvaka; past -vakti) 1. to lie awake at night; 2. to steal; 3. to be doubtful, hesitate; eg lå og hanvagti I lay and hanvaged

hanvaging nm. slight impression of something

hap nn. handle, loop-shaped band

happ nn. good luck, success; hava (goitt) happ

happ adj. healthy, in good condition

hardi nm. (ON harðr 'hard') sea-bottom

harikel nn.remnant, fragment

harka vw. 1. to hawk; 2. cough up phlegm

harliben nn. skeleton of an animal

harm nm. sorrow, grief, distress

harpa nf. harp-shell

harsk adj. unpleasant, disaggreeable, coarse

hatra vw. to bully, plague, persecute; illhaterd neglected, in a poor condition

hatraviti nn. person who is always persecuted;  = ulaviti

hatt nm. 1. scum, skin (on the surface of liquid); 2. hat

hattra vw. to detain, stop, hinder

hatter nn.hindrance, drag; dað er ikke hatter fyri mog at gera

haust interj. hoy! hallo!

hausta vw. to shout hoy! hallo! especially in driving away a sheep

hav nn. 1. the open sea; 2. deap-sea fishing-grounds; 3. ocean

hava vw. 1. to have; 2. bring, carry, move; at hava bort hem/in/ut; 3. talk, spread rumours; de hava dað, at... there's a rumour afloat...;

hava sog av to move aside (oneself); have dog av!

hava at 1. to find a fault with somebody; 2. to reprimand; 3. to chastice, punish; have dog at djer! move a little!

hava frå to set off from the shore

hava imuti to have an objection to, contradict

hava up 1. to lift, raise; 2. introduce a subject, mention; at hava upp efter 1. to repeat; 2. to hark back upon (Fær. hava upp aftur)

hava veð to remark upon or find a fault with something

havbåt nm. large open boat

havr nm. oats

he nn. hesitating/evasive manner of expressing oneself/answer hems and hes; du needno ha'e sae mony hems and hes aboot it

he vw. to speak/answer hesitatingly/evasively

hed nn. (ON heiti + L.Sc. hate, haid) 1. name; 2. grain, particle; ikke ett hed (Fær. ikki eitt eiti)

hedemu nn. heathaze

hefta vw. to fix

heft nn. handle, grip

heftet adj. 1. provided, well supplied; 2. well off

hegri nm. 1. heron;2. tall person

hei interj. ho! aha!

hel adj. 1. whole;2. strong, healthy

hela vw. 1. to become whole; 2. to be healed

hellja nf. flat rock; glerla, glerhellek sheet of ice

helljahvarv nn. 1. disease, injured death; 2. jok. bad cold

helljakrøs nf. churchyard

helljamet nm. 1. Holy Sacrament given to a dying person; 2. small portion of food

heller nm. cave

helli nf. 1. holyday; 2. festival; hellidag, jølahellidagar; hellilamb; at halda helli to keep a festival

hellig adj. holy; hellig muld consecrated earth

helma nf. stir, disagreement, quarreling; dað er ikke men helma melljan dera

helsa vw. 1. to talk or receive kindly; 2. to greet; 3. to entertain; 4. to agree, harmonize; at helsa mann to greet a man; de helsa ikke vel; helsast

helsin nf. 1. congratulation; 2. kind address or welcome

hema adv. 1. at home; 2. nf. wife T. heman she who stays at home;

hemer nearer at home, opp. to framer;

hemest nearest at home

hemfer nf. 1. journey home; 2. feast by newly married man

hemkomannf. homecoming

hemli adj. homely, familiar

hemsket adj. foolish, silly

hengsa vw. to place in a better position; hengsa byrdek [kessu] å baki e-s

henta vw. 1. to fetch; 2. gather up, pick up

hent nn. 1. fetching;2. collecting; 3. gleaning; 4. raking

hermel nn. 1. remnant;2. small fragment; 3. particle; 4. pl. remnants

herms nf. 1. lamentation; 2. cries of woe; 3. noisy quarrel; herms og vallova

herrað nn. limited district built on; Innjherrað, Utherrað

hest nm. horse, stallion

hevdi nm. (ON höfði) 1. promontory;2. high steep point of land

heved nn. obs.1. head; 2. object formed like a head; 3. lump

hikra vw. to delay, hesitate; hannj myndi ikke hikra um dað

hilek nm. hollow in a rock

hillfolk nn. (ON huldufólk + L.Sc. hill) fairies

hillisom adj. attractive, amiable, having kind manners

hilmongen nm. silly, odd-looking person

himinsferd,himmelsferd nf. 1. ascension; 2. fruitless journey; dað er himmelsferd uppå dem they're in a great hurry

hind nf. (ON hinna < hinþ-?) 1. film;2. thin covering, skin, thin layer

hinda vw. to form a coat

hinsin nf. impatience, restlessness

hinta vw. 1. to vanish suddenly; 2. snatch away

hint nn. glimpse, moment

hintet adj. peculiar, not right in the head

hippa vw. to earth;

hippa taatis

hipper adj. fortunate, lucky; hannj war aldri hipper efter dað [derefter?] he was never lucky after that

hirda vw. (past hirti) to keep, guard

hirs interj. away with you!

hits interj. at him! hallo! (to animals)

hitta 1. to find; 2. to meet with

hjada nf. (ON eta, jata) carcass (of an animal), remains

hjarta nn. 1. heart;2. my treasure! Hvar er du faren, hjarta!

hjegel nm. hard stone, quartz; also hjigel,sjoggersten

hjog nm. (ON haugr) hill

hjogelbennnn. shoulder-blade

hjogfinni nn. (ON haugfunnit?) strange, odd-looking object or person

hjogfinni adj. 1. odd, strange; 2. old-fashioned;3. mysterious

hjogga vs. 1. to cut; 2. tear, pluck

hjokk adj. small T; opp. to ød large

hjolsa nf. health; illja hjolsa! ill luck take you!

hjonsa nf. hen

hjunamenn nf. (< ON mynd?) savage-like person

hjårken adj. greedy, very hungry

hnaga, gnega vw. 1. to gnaw; 2. pinch; 3. wrench

hneppa vw. to tie, clench

hnif, hnjif, hnof adj. 1. clever; 2. active; see knif

hnolt nm.strong, well-knit young person

hobba vw. (ON yppa; past hobbdi) 1. to bring into conversation; 2. to accuse somebody of something =at hobba upp; de hobbdu hannj fyri sjuv; hobbt ut av stað driven away

hobbastju nn. 1.stir, tumult; 2. great dilemma, difficulty

hobbaviti nn. notorious thief

hobbelskjuadv. wrong, reverse (boots, shoes); at hava skugana hobbelskju;s. hågelsku

hofna vw. to swell; at hofna upp

hofsa vw. to cause anything to swell (bread)

hofset adj. 1. excitable;2. hasty

hogg nn. (ON högg) blow, push (games)

hoggja [dz] vw. (past hogdi; ON heykjask?) to bend down, crouch; hannj hoggar sog øver eldenon; hoggje dog inn til elden!

hoid nf. (ON hæð) 1. ridge of a height, top part of a hill; 2. height; 3.floor (in a house)

hoiding nm. clergyman T  < the one who threatens (ON hóta)

hoisa nf. haddock

hoitt nm. (MHG hütte, ME hotte) hut

hoitt nm. (ON ótti) fear of something supernatural; dað er hoitt å mjer

hokken nm. horse, small horse

holberd adj. (ON hold) 1 . fleshy;2. full-figured

hola nf. hole

holjket adj. deep, roomy; round-bottomed (boat, pot)

homs adj. 1. sulky;2. irritable; 3. touchy; 4. capricious

honjdigru adv. in crouching position: at ligga honjdigru

hondsja vw. 1. to incite; 2. to set a dog on; 3. to drive by means of a dog

honkla vw. to heave upwards, raise; at honkla sog to raise [shrug] shoulders

honnjadu interj. attention! stand still! (to the cow)

honnj nn., honnjek nm. horn

honnjek nm. girl, a slatternly girl;er dað långt siðen du såst honnjeka?

honning nm. sheep with woolly hair out of its horn

hoppa vw. to hop, jump

hord nm. (ON urðr 'great quantity') crowd, great multitude

hord nf. (ON urð) 1. big boulder; 2. large object

horlos adj. (ON heyrnarlauss) 1. deaf; 2. deafened with noise

horn nn. 1. horn;2. high mountain; 3. wind-instrument

horni nn. corner, nook

horpa vw. to contract, shrink;pp. horpet too much dried up or burnt

horra, hurra nf. 1. great noise or confusion;2. ardour, high spirits

horsgok nm. (ON hrossagaukr) snipe

horrus(j)a vw. to urge one on (by noisy shouting)

hospra, hosta nf. (ON húsfrú) wife T

host nn. coughing

huð nf. hide, skin; veð hu or håri at all costs; take kuna inn um veð huð or håri! make the cow go! drive it along at all costs! millja huðar og hårs with great difficulty;millja huðenar og hårsens that's very strange! =millja honnjs og hårs, millja hålsens og heveds

hub nm. (ON hópr) 1. crowd;2. great number, flock

hudin nf. hint how to do something; at gånga uppå (fyrstu) hudinena at once; hannj gekk veð fyrstu hudineni at the first hint; hannj tuk ikke hudin he went at once; at biða hudinena to await the opportune moment

hugfellja vw. (past hugfeldi) to like, to be charmed with a person or thing

huket adj. curved, bent

hul nm. hillock

huleferdal adj. 1. very uneven; 2. alternately thin and lumpy

hulm nm. holm, islet

hum nn. gloomy sky

huma vw. to grow dusk

humska nf. black pudding

hun nm. wooden-handle, door-handle

hund nm. dog

hunek nm. hen T; kyrr hunekana! shoo the hens away!

hus nn. 1. house, dwelling; 2. family circle; dað vuru hoittahus fyri hannj there was much anxiety for his fate in many families

husa vw. to lift a child up to make it stop crying

husa house; 2. bring into the house; 3. to cover; at husa taatisið

husfolk nn. inmates of a house

hushald nn. housekeeping, management of a house

husrum nn. 1. houseroom;2. shelter

husvirdin nf. 1. clever housewife; 2. hostess

hvada nf. foam

hval nm. whale

hvalbak nn. back of a whale

hvalben nn. whalebone

hvalgrinddnf. shoal of whales

hvalp nm. whelp (puppy)

hvalsløb nm. jelly-fish, medusa

hvamm nm. small dale

hvar pron. every, each, any

hvar pron. 1. where?;2. whither? hvar til whither, where; 3. for what (purpose), why

hvarl nn. whirl, something circular

hvarva vw. 1. to move quickly, to sweep along; 2. to work at high

hvas nn. wheezing sound

hvasa vw. 1. to wheeze; 2. to be asthmatic; 3. to whistle (of wind)

hvekk nm. 1. start;2. sudden fright

hvelja nf. 1. whale-skin; 2, tough skin; 3. outer covering

hverma vs. 1. to pass on quickly; 2. disappear; hannj hvarm ut av minari soind; hannj hvarm ned gegnen golvið; 3. vanish, to be lost

hverva vs. to turn or rake together; at hverva høið

hvessa vw. (ON hvesti) 1. to sharpen; 2. speak harshly at somebody

hvev nm. tidal eddy

hvida vw. to turn head or body in different directions

hvid adj. white

hvider adj. lost; in expression: hvikk og hvider completely disappeared, lost

hvidet adj. 1. looking around; 2. turning in different ways

hvikk 1. adv. entirely, completely; 2. adj. entire, complete

hvild nf. repose, state of rest

hvirel nm. 1. twirl;2. disk; 3. the crown of the head; 4. the central point

hvisa vw. to whisper, speak in a low voice

hvista vw. 1. to whistle; 2. to blow

hvisterest nm. 1. crack; 2. blow; 3. box on the ear

hvitna vw. to whitten, become white- or light-coloured

hvumla vw. to turn upside down

hvumpra vw. 1. to murmur; 2. tomake a slight remark

nn. (ON hý) downy hair or beard

nn. (ON hey) hay; eker og hø

vw. to compose oneself, take it easy; hø dog!

høbet adj. (ON hæpinn) 1. cohesive, substantial (drink); 2. nauseating; 3. having disagreeble stale taste

høda vw. (past høddi) 1. to hint at something; 2.tothrow out hints; hannj helt hødandi at mjer

hølig adj. 1. leisurely, comfortable; 2. sad, depressing, uneasy

hølig adv. leisurely; slowly

høma vw. to darken

høming nf. evening twilight opp. to mirknin

høra vw. to hear; at

høra uppå e-t to listen to something; at høra til e-s to listen to somebody, esp. imperatively

høsapann, -pallj nm.1.skull (jokingly); 2. head

høslek nm. 1. hut;2. straw-thatched house T

høva vs. (ON hefja) 1. to raise, lift, f.ex. of the wind going in a northerly direction: hannj hever sog upp til nordvests; 2. to cause to rise; 3. to throw, fling

nm. shark

adj. high; neu. håitt, also adv. - out for deep fishing; at gånga ut til dess hå to go (to the high seas) by boat totry the deep-sea fishing

håbenda vs. to tie a band round the hough of an animal

håbiter nm. horse T

håg, håch [hoχ] nm. 1. ability; 2. fitness; 3. skill;4. handiness; 5. condition, state; dað er pør håg uppå djer = hag

hågi nm. pasture, out-field

hågaliv nn. (ON hagaleyfi) 1.leave; 2. payment for permission

hågelsku nm. worn-out shoes; at gånga i hågelskun

håg nm. (ON hagr) 1. (bad) state or conditions; 2. profit, result; hun gerdi pørligan håg av honon; dað kom til pørligs hågs; cf. hag

håkilling nf. large shark

håls, hwåls nm. neck

hånga vs. to hang

hånger nm. kettle, pot T

hård adj. hard, severe

håskerri nm. very large shark

håtask nf. (ON hátaska) species of small shark

håitt nm. 1. strange behaviour; 2. (queer) condition, bodily form; dað er håitt å djer idag you're behaving queerly

håittabor nm. mode of behaviour, strange conduct

håittafer nf. = håittabor

håitted adj. (ON háttaðr) conditioned, of certain condition; illhåitted

håitten adj. (ON hætta 'to cease') 1. accomplished; concluding; 2. finished;håitten ferd finishing harvest work

håitti adj. 2. touchy; fretful; 2. irritable, easily offended


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