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kadel nm. string tied around the neck of a lamb as a mark

kaka vw. 1. cacare; 2. to go to stool (mostly to children)

kald adj. cold

kaldkrogen adj. susceptible to cold

kaldvard, -vård adj. chilly

kallj nn. 1. crying;2. screaming; 3. business, calling, vocation: du hever ikke kallj at gera dað

kallja vw. 1. to call; 2. to scream ( < L.Sc.); dað er min moder sen kalljar å mog

kamb, kåmb nm. comb, sharp-crested mountain ridge

kann nf?. (ON kanna) can (measure)

kannj nn. 1. inspection;2. counting up (cows)

kannja vw. 1. to inspect; 2. count up; 3. to try to identify; 4. to clear up, throw light upon

kant nm. 1. edge, corner; dað var ikke en stur kant å båtenon the boat was not very deeply or heavily loaded; 2. way of treating person; 3. humour;4. spirits; hannj var å rångon kanti ennan morgen

kanta vw. to turn over, capsize

kappa vw. cut off (fish)

kapsvivla vw. to capsize

kara vw. 1. to mix; 2. to root in something; 3. to work with hands in somethingdirty

karl nm. 1. old man, fellow; 2. big bulky person

karm nm. 1. frame;2. heap; 3. state, condition; 4. humour, spirits; at vara i pørligon karmi

kassmelt nm. collaspe, collision

kast nn. 1. cast;2. handiness, skill; goitt kast i hans hanjdon; at hava kast um e-t; hannj hever ikke kast at gera dað; 3. handling over of something; 4. attack of illness; 5. habit (esp. bad); 6. change, occurrence; 7. opportunity

kasta vw. 1. to cast, fling; 2. to hand one something; 3. to reject

kasta um to make an exchange; de kastaðu um sinar kør; ner nåitten og dagen kasta um

kasta upp 1. to propose; 2. come to light

kastel nm. castle; de castle o' Munes

kasten adj. 1. rejected;2. unserviceable; 3. no longer fresh, stale sour

kaitthus nn. porch in front of the door

kattaram nm. 1. cat's paw; 2. small cloud

kattmoget adj. light-coloured, dirty-grey

kava vw. 1. to press on one's way; 2. be troubled; at vara kavandi to be out of breath; sugen kavaði øver uss; 3. to rush about; 4. to eat greedily; 5. to insist; 6. to snow in drifts; hannj kavar og ber; kavd under [in under]; hun kom kavandi upp efter

kava nf. 1. eagerness;2. hurry; 3. violence

kavaborð nm. dense snow-storm =fogborð

kavi, kava, kav nm. 1. somethingdiving, sinker; 2. low land; 3. dense snowfall

Keddhonjtla nf. kind of ogress, sort of trolls, half cat-half bitch

kefsa vw. to be unhandy

kefset adj. 1. unhandy;2. awkward, spilling what one is carrying

keka vw. (ON keikja) to bend or twist backwards (keka øver); hann genger veð sinu hevdi kekaðu øver

kela vw. to bring forth young (rabbits)

keljda nf. source, spring of water

kelva nf. well-developed, not quite half-grown ling

kenna vw. to know, be aware of, feel, be sensible of; eg kenndi dað å mjer; sugen kenner i (di) (Fær. sjógvurin veit í) there's commotion, approaching storm, forebod

kenning nf. 1. feeling, sensation; 2. identification; 3. knowledge

kennmark nn. identification mark

kent adj. 1. well-known;2. skilful, well acquainted

keppa vw. (ON kepti) to compete

ker adj. dear

kerling nf. 1. crone; 2. big woman

kervi nn. 1. bunch, bundle; 2. truss; 3. certain quantity of grass

kessa nf. carrying basket

ketling nm. kitten

keva vw. (past kavdi) 1. to struggle with something; 2. to wrestle in fun; 3. to contend in an eager manner;3. to interfere; 4. to fall on the wrong side; 5. to be overcome with sleepiness

kibig adj. lively and alert, quick and clever;du ert kibig at deri vinnu, men du myndi ikke gera hvat du vart biðin at gera

kidi nn. small lamb

kik nn. 1. peeping, peep; 2. very short visit

kik nn. 1. gesticulation;2. crick, stiffeness

kika vw. 1. to peer, keep a sharp look-out; 2. to pay a short visit

kiljka vw. to be full of joy andlife

kilseta vw. (past -setti) to chase obstinate sheep by driving them into a corner

kilsket adj. 1. excessively merry; 2. wild and wanton

kimtjagg [tj] nn. 1. continuous teasing; 2. putting obstacles; at halda e-n i kimtjaggi

kimtjagga [tj] vw. 1. to tease continually; 2. to put obstacles in one's way

kinga vw. to mend something, esp. broken objects

kings nn.1.quarrel; 2. dispute

kingsa vw. 1. to quarrel; 2. to dispute;3. to grumble

kinks nn. offence, fit of bad humour, touchiness

kinks adj. easily offended, touchy

kinn nf. cheek

kinnpuster nm. cheek-muscle

kirka nf. church

kirkasukn nf. 1. parish; 2. great crowd, multitude; 3. the buried dead of a parish

kirkfolk nf. church-goers/-people

kisek nm. cat T

kist nf. (ON kista) chest

kitla vw. to tickle, irritate

kittelsom adj. ticklish, sensitive

kjob nn. (ON kaup) 1. compensation;2. reward; 3. good gift

kjoba vw. (ON kaupa; past kjobti) 1. to compensate, reward a service;2. to induce, bribe

kjost nm. tumulus

kjud adj. (ON kúgaðr) beginning to get a sour taste

kjålk, kjålki nm. jaw

kjålkakast nn. facility in using one's jaws;

hava goitt kjålkakast to have a good appetit

klakk nm. 1. fragment of a rock; 2. mountain hill

klakk(a)skorr nf. fishing-ground

klaksa to strike, smack; klaksa ned

klappa vw. to tap, strike; hannj klappaði hannj ned i mukla stulen (arm-chair)

kleda vw. (ON klæða; past kleddi) to dress, put on; at kleda bånnjið; at kleda sog; at kleda skøvek to put something on the feet

klednabun nm. (ON klæð(n)abúnaðr) garment

klestra vw. to paste on, smear on

klett nm. rock, cliff

klima, klina vw. 1. to paste; 2. smear (butter)

klingra vw. to turn round; klingra dog!

klining nm. piece of bread and butter

klippa vw. to clip

klipitenger nf. pl. pair of tongs

klister nn. butter

klokk nf. (ON klukka) beetle; vatnklokk, honnjklokk

klovi nm. cleft tool, tongs

klud nm. neck-cloth, neckerchief

kluka vw. to build up loosely or temporarily, esp. a fence

kluk adj. 1. wily, sly; 2. ingenious, dexterous, nimble

klumsa vw. 1. to become or make speechless, deprive one of speech; 2. to expire, die; klumsen - also blocked

klunk nm. the top of a wall or fence

klur nn. scratch, mark made by a cat's claw

klura vw. 1. to scratch; 2. to harrow the earth by spade or plough; at klura upp grundena; klurd grund

klurer nm. cat T

klut, klud nm. 1. cloud, rag; 2. sail T

klø nm. (pl. klør) stone; piece of steatite

kløf nf. cleft hoof

knag nn. (Norw. knag 'trouble') 1. sore, wound (metaph.), grief; 2. foul, stale taste

knapp nm. round button; knapp elbogsens [knes]bone of the elbow [knee]

knava vw. 1. to gnaw off; hunden knavar benið; 2. to scrape off

kne nn. 1. knee;2. ear-mark

knippa vw. to pull to pieces, break asunder

knippek nm. small bunch, bundle, parcel

knirka vw. to creak

kniv adj. clever, active, able

knoggi nm. short, square-built, well-knit fellow

knoggjet adj. small in stature, but stout

knor nm. vessel, boat

knott nm. 1. roundish lump; 2. person with short but stout figure

knotti nm. ball

knubbi nm. potato T

knurra vw. to whisper, murmur

knyrja [rdzj] vw. to squeeze, press

knyrk adj. scant, short (applied to measure)

knyta vw. (past knytti) to tie, knit (corn, cows)

kobb nm. (ON kobbi) young seal

kodd nm. (ON koddi) pillow, cushion

kod, kjod adj. ingratiatingly kind, confidentional

koga vw. to swallow, drink in large draughts

kojakka vw. to chatter, have a long gossip; to sit kojakkin

kokkel nm. compass T

kokkeluri nm. daisy

kokra, kjokra vw. 1. to cheer up; 2. torevive; 3. to talk gently; 4. to fondle, caress; 5. kjokra upp: to become revived, recover

kol nn. small brand, small piece of partly burnt peat

kola nf. small, cup-shaped, open lamp

kollj nm. 1. head, head of a fish; 2. hay-stack; see alsomerkol

kollja nf. buoy T

kolla vw. to take off the top

kolljyvirbollji adv. (ON koll fyrir böll?) headlong, topsy-turvy

kolmyrk adj. pitch dark

koma vs. to come

koma at 1. to come to an end; 2. to happen

koma frå to become loose, slip out

koma til 1. to grow, become greater; 2. to recover, retain strength; com off (badly)

koma upp to get on, become known

koma uppå 1. to meet, run across; 2. to come over one (mind); dað er ilska at kom uppå hannj

kom veð to occur in certain manner (well/ill)

koma å to happen, occur;also koma uppå

komin adj. suitable

kongalu nn. bush, heather-bush

konk, kjonki, kunk nm. 1. illness; 2. very bad cold

konn adj. 1. acquainted with, familiar with something; 2. accustomed to something

konna become acquainted or familiar with something; 2. to become accustomed with something

konnjmerki nm.(ON maðkr) cornwarm

kopp nm. precipitous

koramussinm. "curly mouth", endearing term

korgla vw. to tell strongly exaggerated stories

korki nm. oats; korkakost oaten bread

korn nn. corn

korngild nm. payment for damage done by sheep on corn

korr nf. (ON kyrrð) quietest part of midsummer-night; korr dimmonar

kors, kross nm. 1. fiery-cross; 2. express message; 3. swearing exclamation; at senda kors; kors! kors uppå dog [dað]!; Korsmess May 3/September 14 (ON Krossmessa)

kort adj. 1. short;2. scant

kost nm. (ON kostr 'maintenance', Ork. cost, coist) bread

kotla vw. (ON kitla) 1. to tickle; 2. to put aside secretly

kovla vw. to dress oneself warmly; hun kovlar sitt heved upp

krabbi nm. crab

krag nm. (ON kragi) 1. collar;2. throat, neck

kraget adj. very lean and miserable

kragklut nm. cravat, neckerchief

krakk nm. 1. three-legged wooden stool; 2. foot-stool

kram nm. paw, cat's paw or claw

krama vw. to pack into a heap

kramma vw. 1. to grab; 2. scrape

krammek nm. the paw of an animal

krank adj. sick, feeble

kranset adj. 1. cross;2. fretful; 3. malicious

kransi nm. coral

krapp nm. 1. angular space in the interious; 2. narrow place (Icel. komast í hann krappan)

krapp adj. 1. close;2. scant; 3. choppy (of the sea)

kravi nm. 1. large flock or crowd; 2. heap, mass

kreka vw. to spit, hawk, cough up phlegm

kreksa vw. 1. to hawk, cough up phlegm; 2. to grumble

krema vw. (ON kreima or kremjask?, past kramdi or kremdi?) to be ailing, unwell and sulky

kresta vw. to exert oneself, walking wearily

krestin nf. hard toil and struggle

kriel, krier nm. (Nor. kria) cock T

kriga vw. to hook, grip and let loose again

krigga nf. cover or shelter against bad weather

krigi nm. corner, sharp angle in a wall or fence

krigiseta vw. to drive animal into a corner

krik nm. narrow pass, cleft

krimma vw. to cough slightly, clear one's throat; at krimma ut av kvarkeni (throat)

krimpa vw. 1. to squeeze;2. to shrink; 3. to narrow, restrict;4. to be too stingy; 5. to wince, complain; du måst ikke krimpa dog you must not sacrifice yourself; 6. to whimper; 7. to emit a low sound (cow); 8. to desire, long for

kring nm. 1. cricle, ring; 2. a halter round the neck of an animal; 3. two animals tied together

kring 1. prep. around; 2. adv. about

kringa vw. 1. to tie twoanimals together; 2. to become entangled (rope)

kringlkost nm. round loaf

krista vw. to exert oneself, take great pains without making progress

krobb nf. (ON krubba) small enclosure

krobba vw. 1. to narrow; 2. to confine;3. to pinch for room; 4. to keep (a child) in check

krobbet adj. 1. narrow, confined; 2. pinched for room

krobbi nm. 1. small hollow, hole in which plants are planted; 2. confined space

krod(d)a, krødni, krodni vw. to cram together, crowd

kroga vw. 1. to crouch against bad weather; at kroga frå skuri; at kroga inn under; 2. to spy; de hava krogað um annjehvaran

kroga nf. shelter against bad weather; at taka krogu to take shelter; at standa i krogu; at koma inn i [inn under] krogu

krogabøl nn. enclosure for giving to animals shelter against bad weather

kroinjta vw. to whimper, complain

krok nm. (ON hraukr, hrúga) heap, cluster (esp. potatoes)

kroka vw. 1. to be in utter exhaustion, misery; 2. to starve

kroma vw. to whimper, complain about bad health

kroppen adj. (ON kroppinn < kreppa) 1. shrunk, contradicted; 2. doubled up; 3. crooked, dent

krossmarknn. the sign of the cross; at gera e-on krossmark to maltreat; at ligga krossmark to lie helpless, disabled

kru nf. enclosure, fold, esp. sheep-fold

krubbet adj. narrow, confined

krug nm. thole in a boat T; hon bleser åitte farið [båten], guda lukk vari at krugenon! it (the ling) 'blows' behind the boat, good luck at the thole!

kruget adj. 1. crooked;2. bent; 3. stooping

kruk nm. curve; kruk å bandenu

krukseta vw. to drive an animal into a fence to catch it

krumpet adj. 1. curved;2. crook-backed

krumpin curve

krumplikin nm. colding

krun nf. (ON krúna) 1. crown;2. garland; 3. circular hill-top

krupen, kropen adj. (ON kropinn < krjúpa) crawled, crept; bånnjið er krupið burt

krupp nm. 1. body;2. man, person; Blessinar vari uppå din krupp!bless your body! du ert krupp you are a queer one; pørlig krupp! poor fellow! sikk krupp! what a queer person!; fy uppå dann [ennan] krupp! fy falli (befalli) dann [ennan] krupp! may misfortune befall him, shame

krusa vw. to collect, drive together

krø nf?. 1. cluster; 2. dense assembled crowd

krø vw. to flock together in a dense crowd; de vuru krød samen

krøkni nf?. crowd, multitude, large flock

krå nf. 1. corner, nook; 2. space of 'de but' to store potatoes

kråga nf. crow

krågupil nm. kind of testaceous animal on the shore

kråguting nn. gathering of crows holding conference and judgement

kråkling nm. (ON kræklingr) small mussel

krånk indisposition, malingery

krånk adj. (ON krangr) 1. sick, indisposed; 2. cross-grained, disobliging

krås nf. nice gift

ku (ON kú, pl. kør) nf. cow; tidd ku cow with young, cow on the point of calving

kub nm. young seal

kuba nf. small basket

kuk nn. excrement, esp. of a cow dried in the sun

kul nn. light, breeze

kula nf. 1. a protuberant little round swelling; 2. the prominent part of the face (nose); 3.roundish hill

kumet adj. misty, hazy

kumla vw. to turn upside down

kummer nf. godmother

kuna nf. woman, wife T

kunki, kjonki nm. 1. attack of illness; 2. severe bad cold

kura vw. 1. to stoop, crouch; doze; 3. to be unwell, be dejected

kuralag nn. confused, noisy assembly

kurf nf. 1. (rough) surface; 2. epidermis

kurr nm. 1. casual remark; 2. slight rumour

kuss, kjos nm. kiss (kiss on the mouth)

kussa vw. (past kusti) to kiss

kuva vw. to cough slightly

kvag nf. (ON kaka) round cake

kvaka vw. 1. to quiver, quake; 2. to creep (about small animals); 3. to swarm

kvala vw. to abate, calm (wind)

kvark nf. 1. throat; 2. narrow pass

kveg nf. (ON kvíga) heifer

kven nf. (ON kvein) lamentation, sorrow

kverk nf. throat

kvern nf. 1. quern, hand-mill; 2. water-mill (placenames)

kvi nf. enclosure for cattle, milking-place

kvikk, hwikk adj. 1. living; 2. swarming, teeming; eg heve seð grundena kvikka veð honnjklokkon I've seen ground alive with nasicornous beetles

kvikkrepp nm. misery, want, lack of the necessities

kvikna vw. 1. to get the fire to blaze; 2. to begin to run quicker (tide), increase

kvilling nm. 1. hermaphrodite, young non-prolific ram; 2. stunt, feeble wretch

kvolka vw. to swallow quickly or greedily

kvålv nm. calf

kykin adj. all alive, animated and vivacious; livandi og kykin

kynsked nm.(ON kyn + skaði) accident happening to oneself or to a relation, one of the same clan; gektu veð dinon kynskedi! du mynkanske få din kynsked ante!

kyrkar nm. pl. scissors T

kyrra vw. 1. to quieten; 2. to check; 3. to scare away

kyrr! interj. hush! be quiet! kirrabaw - lullaby

købnn.bargain, bargining; compensation

kød, køð nn. well-developed half-grown fish, esp. coalfish

køda vw. to become liquid, deposit oil (of fish livers)

kødi nn. liver-oil; see also gøti

køf nn. value, bargain; ikke vert køf

køl nm. (cool) breath of air, fresh breeze; kølvind

køla vw. (ON kylja, koela; past kuldi) 1. to cool; 2. to blow faintly

køllja vw. to fondle; at køllja (um, øver) bånnj

kølsin adj. 1. cold, chilly; hannj er mukkið kølsið uti; 2. susceptible to cold; kølsin i hanjdon cold about one's hands

kørka vw. (ON kyrka; past kørkti) 1. to squeeze, pinch; 2. to take hold and shake (in fun); eg myn kørka dog I'll punish you (jokingly)

kørra vw. to scare away

kørrnørrinterj. keep quiet! be silent!

køttikel nn. tough, difficult (work)

kållj nm. man, old man

kålljgrøt nn. lead with a rope attached for finding the deap of the sea < kaðal

kårr adj. (ON kærr) small, lively, cheerful, quick; mit piri kårra ting!;

kårri small fellow


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