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lagbørd nn. footboard

lada vs. to be about to die, draw one's last breath (esp. of animals)

lag nn. 1. layer, place, position; 2. usage, order, condition; 3. state of health; 4. frame of mind, mood, temper; at vara i lagi to be excited; at vara i illu [pørligu] lagi to be depressed or worried; 5. layer; 6. crowd, assembly, company; i gudu [pørligu] lagi;dað er pørligt lag å honon he's very slow (esp. grinding); 7. a push forward; 8. long voyage; 9. long time; 10. chat, long talk; hvat er ditt lag dagsens? What news do you bring today?

laga vw. 1. to move (a little); 2. to execute something piecemeal; 3. to draw a boat up; 4. to carry hay; at laga upp båt [hø, korn]

laga vw. to chatter, gossip

lagafer nf. (ON lakferð?) slow pace or performance; to mak' a l. ower a ting

lagd nm. 1. tuft (of wool); 2. handful, esp. for corn or hay

lagda adj. sluggish, lacking energy, listless

lager adj. keen, eager, greedy

lagman nm. chief judge

lagretman nm. 1. member of public court; witness; 2. assessor, assistant of underfoud Vard-thing - district court

lagting nn. the Law-ting

lagd adj. destined by fate (pp. of legga); sjulagd, havlagd; fyrilagd thoroughly exhausted (Fær. firilagstur < leggjast fyri - to become exhausted)

laks nm. salmon

laksigerd nm. (ON laxagarðr) trap for catching salmon or trout in a stream

lali nm. playing for a little child

lamb nn. lamb; lamb mitt! my dear!

lambarið nf. (ON lambahríð) bad weather in the spring during the lambing time

lambatiindnf. "lamb's tithe": tithe paid in wool, kind of a clergy tithe

lamin adj. lame, powerless

land nn. land

landa vw. to arrive at an ultimate place of destination; de horse landed me upo de braid o' my back; throw/let fall in cert. direction;

landbrim nn. surf, breaking of waves

landfell nn. "land current", tidal wave in shorewards

landamøri nn. pl. boundary-line, -mark

landlopernm. (ON -hlaupari) tramp, vagabond

landseterkop nn. (landsetr(s)kaup) fee paid for leasehold of a farm

landskap nm. landscape; landskapið er farið 'the lanfscape is moving', atmosphere is floating near the ground (summer)

landskyld nf. landrent

langdregenadj. 1. long, thin and slender; 2. long-drawn, tedious; 3. dilatory

langlegg nm. (ON langleggr) shank, bone between thigh-bone and foot

langsedi nn. (ON langsæti) "long-seat", resting chair, a broad wooden seat with arms and support for the back

langsom adj. slow, dilatory; long-drawn, tedious

langspel nn. ancient kind of cithern, a stringed instrument

langvordenadj. 1. long-shaped, extended; 2. long-drawn, slow

lapp nm. (ON lappi) patch

lappa vw. to patch, mend

lappa vw. to walk heavily and clumsily

lar nn. (ON leir) kind of hard clay; Larvik; see also lera

last nf. 1. area of arable land; 2. certain measure

lasta vw. to have an aversion to, unable to take food

latsa vw. 1. to idle; 2. to walk lazily

lav nm. (ON hleifr) piece of dough made into a thick cake; konglalaven

lavenørd adj. (ON laf-eyrðr) having hanging ears

laverni nn. 1. life, living; 2. mode of life; 3. crowd, gathering

lavi nn. (ON lag?) long story, nonsense

lørited nm. (ON lýrittar-eiðr) oath taken by a man to prove his guiltlessness

leanger, leðanger nm. tax

lebek, lebbek nm. spoon

led, låd nn. load, pile

ledi nn. (ON leiti) outlook, point of view, height (point of vantage)

ledli adj. indolent, lazy-looking

lega nf. 1. lying;2. (fish.) interval, rest, stay; 3. distance between boats; at ligga legu to lie long in bed; hannj hever tekið sjer legu he has taken a good rest

legga vw. 1. to lay; 2. to drift, be carried off (by the wind); 3. at leggast: to retire to rest, go to bed; at legga e-t i hugi to keep something in mind; eg lagdi aldri min hug efter di I never applied myself to learn [remember] it; at legga vinden frå jardeni to turn the wind into another quarter (with magic)

legga af 1. to talk in verbose manner; 2. to desist from, cease; 3. to kill, slaughter

legga at to push or press forcibly; at leggast at to lie down, be unwilling to rise

legga efter to leave behind; at legga sin hug efter e-uto apply oneself to some task, study or learn something

legga frå 1. to put aside; 2. to work speedily, make headaway

legga inn 1. to unship the oars; 2. to enclose a piece of ground; 3. to rain finely; he is layin in

legga ned 1. to calm an agitated sea (magic); 2. to kill, slaughter;l. doon de sea; hannj legger ned kava there's much snow falling (Fær. hann leggur kava)

legga til 1. to add;2. to close (a door with a latch); at legga sog til to set eagerly about doing a task; at leggast til to lie down in a sleep; at legga sin hug til e-s to apply oneself to a subject trying to impress it upon one's mind: legge din hug til dess!

legga upp 1. to load, put a load on a horse; 2. to build, raise; 3. to exhaust; at legga upp skiplag (pl) to build castles in the air; at legga upp goddek to put a riddle

legga ut 1. to set off [out] to sea; 2. to interpet, explain

legga veð 1. to exert efforts on the outcome of a matter; 2. to make a dictinct declaration; 3. to make a condition of something;

at legga sog veð to work eagerly

legga å 1. to increase force/violence (weather); 2. to make promise of alms

legviser nm. (ON leiðvísari) compass; at soina legviseren to look at the compass

leka vs. 1. to leak; 2. to be leaky

lembi nn. (ON tvílembi) twin-lamb

lemin adj. powerless, faint, sluggish

lemm nm. 1. part of a loft-floor; 2. shelf

len nf. row of houses under one roof

lengi nf. strip or length

lepel nm. small spoon, hornspoon

lepp nm.1.part, piece, patch; 2. rag, flap

lepp nn. 1. grain, small quantity; 2. something to lap or sip; telepp

leppa vw. 1. to lap (with the tongue); 2. to sip slowly

leppa vw. to walk feebly or slowly, shuffle (aboot)

ler nf. (Fær. læra) learning; instruction

lera, lerka nf. clay, clayey soil

lerdom nm. learning, knowledge

lesna vw. to lower oneself

lesning nm. stake for the line by which a man lowers himself; de lesninrep

let nn. 1. little winsome thing; 2. endearment to children (my treasure!)

lett nm. 1. part, quantity; 2. small quantity, particle

lev nf. (ON leif) remnant

lev nm. (ON hleifr) dough (from which a single loaf or cake is made); see also lav

levingar nf. pl. leavings, what is left over

lið nf. slope, mountain side

lid nf. 1. reliance;2. eagerness, diligence; 3. zeal in executing a work

lida vw. (ON hlíta) to have a confidence in, trust; eg led honon at koma veð, men twit uppå hans ben, jift hannj kom I trusted he would come, but shame upon him, he did not come

lidfullj, lidsom adj. 1. confident; 2. eager, active

liðen nf. (ON líðan) the decline of the day, evening twilight; cf. dagaliðen

ligga vs. 1. to be subdue (of wind); 2. to repose, be at rest; 3. to lie in bed

ligga fyri: dað ligger fyri mjer, dað ligger å minni tungu is on the tip of my tongue

ligga efter to be left undone or neglected

ligga ned 1. to be settled (wind); 2. to lie dormant

ligga upp to lie up; båten ligger uppå

ligga við 1. to appear close at hand (something in sight); 2. to be at stake, on certain condition; dað ligger veð (ON liggja við)

ligga å 1. to be fixed or appointed; 2. to depend on; 3. to be essential or constant (weather)

lik nn. 1. corpse, dead body; 2. burial district

likisom adj. agreeable, amiable

liklig adj. having a sound, healthy appearance

likstigi, -ggi nm. protecting wall in a cemetry wall

lilla vw. to make neat and tidy, brush up; at lilla upp to put in good order: at lilla upp husið

lim nm. 1. limb of the body; 2. thigh of a slaughtered animal; 3. member

lina vw. to decline, grow dusk (of a day); dagen linar

linka vw. to make loose, relax                       

linn adj. 1. soft to the touch; 2. somewhat loose; 3. mild

inna vw. (ON linna; past linti) 1. to stop, cease; 2. to become softened, abate, calm;hannj linner upp; lean, incline; linn dog ned! sit down for a moment! at linna at to lean

linnatið nf. 1. short cessation from the pain; 2. abatement of storm

lispund nn.weight, orig.16 pounds

lit nm. 1. colour;2. now mostly blue colour

litel adj. little

liv nn. 1. life; being (fish); 3. live coal for fire

liv nf. (ON hlíf) 1. temporary state of rest, interval; 2. favourable occasion of doing something

livd nf. (ON hlífð) 1. sort rest after hard work; 2. calming of bad weather

liver nm. 1. living being; 2. coll. small living creatures; 3. bacteria

livandi nn. living;ikke i minu livandi livi!

lið [liþ] nm. joint (in the body)

ljori, ljuri nm. opening in the roof, louver

lju nn. mood, humour

ljud nn. (ON ljóð) 1. sound; 2. sound of voices; eg hørdi ljud derra tunga, til då eg så de

ljud adj. (ON ljótr) 1. ugly;2. hideous

ljumet adj. 1. likewarm;2. close and damp

ljus nn. 1. light;2. = ljori

lodd nm. thick covering of hair or wool

lodden adj. covered with sparse and coarse wool (on sheep)

lofta vw. to ascend, rise

log, ljog nm. 1. sea T; 2. piece of open sea; 3. strong current; faren i ljogenon lost overboard, gone to the bottom

log, ljog nf. (ON lægð) hollow, depression in a landscape

log, ljog nm. (ON lœkr) small stream of water

loga, ljoga vw. (ON lauga) to bathe, wash

loga, ljoga vw. (Fær. loka) to be broken (of somethingthin); at loka syndri

logis adj. 1. lukewarm (of a liquid); 2. vapid in taste

logjek, lodjek nm. filth, excrements

lokka vw. 1. to allure, entice; 2. pet, fondle

lomma vw. 1. to grow light; 2. to clear up; hannj lommar upp it´s clearing up

lomål, lumål nn. (ON hljóðmæli, -*máli) 1. silence; 2. secrecy;at halda alt i lumåli

lond nf. (ON lund) 1. sound;2. melody, song; 3. singing out; 4. noise; 5. complaining; 6. mood, spirits, humor

londi nm. (ON lundi) puffin

longa vw. 1. to listen; 2. to be undecided

lonjdilag nn. 1. noisy complaint; 2. a long time spent in doing a thing; dað myn vara londilag til då hannj kemer åitte

lonna vw. 1. to lurk, be on the watch; 2. to listen secretly; 3. to eavesdrop; 4. to be undecided

lopa vs. (ON hlaupa) 1. to leap, jump (run); 2. to get into sudden violent passion; lopen mjølk

lorg, lord nm. (Fær. lortur) heap, dirty mass

lorga vw. to dirty, soil

los adj. loose, free

lu, lju nn. 1. good performing orexecuting, skill in handling; 2. fine appearance (thing)

lu vw. 1. to hang loosely together; 2. to stick to, follow one’s heels; 3. to desire the opposite sex;at lu um [øver] e-n to stick to somebody; hunden luar um tikið

luderhorn nn. fog-horn

luget adj. 1. exhausted, enfeebled; 2. faint, limp

lukk nf. fortune, good luck; at gånga uppå lukkarheved to go at haphazard

lukkaborð nm. my treasure! (to child)

lukket adj. lucky, fortunate; vel/ill-

lukka nf. my dear! (to a woman)

lukksom adj. lucky, fortunate

luma clear up, lift;2. to pass over, cease (rain)

luma, ljuma vw. to warm up; at ljuma upp

lungasott nf. lung-disease

lunk nn. (ON logn) calming, clearing up in the weather

lunka vw. to calm, clear up;hannj lunkar upp

lura vw. (past lurdi) to sleep lightly;at lura øver to fall into a ligth slumber

luraferði nf. 1. feigned illness; 2. disappointment; cf. ferdalek, -t

lureli adv. indolently and slowly

lus nf. louse

luta vs. to stoop, bend forward; lute ned! stoop down!

luts, lutsa nf. honey, sweet, darling

lyfta vw. 1. to lift;2. to put in question, mention; 3. to set in circulation; du ert ikke at lyfta dað don't let it go any further

lyfting nf. 1. lifting;2. small bite of food

lyftmur nn. dense snowfall = mur, mur(a)kavi

lyll nn. 1. monotonous song; 2. narrative, news; hvatna er lyll dagsens?

lyng nn. heather

lylla vw. 1. to sing monotonously; 2. to tell news

lynn nm. (ON hlunnr) runner (1 of the wood pieces)

vw. 1. to listen (also spying); 2. to whisper, hint at, mention slightly;at lø at; hannj lør at; lø aldri! keep your mouth shut!

adj. slightly warm, lukewarm (esp. of liquid)

nn. 1. sound, noise; 2. narrative, news; 3. tone; 4. manners;

vw. 1. to give a hearing; 2. to be silent and still

adj. 1. abundant; 2. great; we're gotten a lö corn

nn. a warm drink

nm. (ON lýðr) flock crowded together, esp. disparagingly

vw. to warm up, make lukewarm

løbergroinnjing nm. cod caught at the close of February

løbersmess nf. leap day, 24 Feb.; Kertumess (2 Feb)

løbing nm. small fish found in a stomach of a bigger one

lød nn. 1. sound, tone, melody; 2. low singing; 3. whimpering; 4. humour, temper, mood; 5. news

løda vw. (past løddi) 1. to emit a sound; 2. to whimper; 3. to talk, chat;4. to be quiet, silent

lømet nm. small additional meal

lødska nf.shouting and crying

løf nm. 1. palm of the hand; 2. handful

lølig, løleg, lølek adj. (ON hlœgiligr) 1. merry, playful; 2. lively; 3. with queerful temper

lønhus nn. secret depository for keeping various things

lør nn. pollack, gadus pollachius

løsa vw. 1. to loose; 2. to break, burst, start (weather)

låda vs. (hljóða) 1. to emit a sound; 2. to howl, whine, cry; 3. to talk;4. to flute; 5. to be silent

lådament nn. 1. sound, noise; 2. crying, howling

låder nm. clergyman T

låda nf. corner in the living room for holding commodities, esp. potatoes; taatislåda

lådi nn. 1. noisy sound; 2. load complaint; 3. poor circumstances; 4. miserable state of things; at halda lådi um e-t; dað er lådi veð honon; sikt lådi hannj var i!

lådigråt nn. (ON látugrát) feigned weeping without reason

låmek nm. 1. paw, big clumsy hand; 2. handful

långa nf. ling, gadus molva

långafloga vw.small, long-shaped fly

långalådnn. long-winded complaint

långvi nn. (ON langve) guillemot, uria troile

lår nn. thigh of a human or a large animal

låtska nf. noisy talk, prating; at gera låtsku to make a noise in talking


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