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mag nn. damage, wear

maga vw. 1. to gnaw, wear; 2. to damage by friction

magdom nm. 1. shape, characteristic feature, form; 2. resemblance in features

mager nn. 1. power, strength; substance; 2. good quality

mager nm. starvation, misery

mager adj. very lean, miserable

magerlosadj. powerless, without substance

mak nm. (ON mak) match, an equal; du ert ikke dess mak

maklig adj. 1. easy to handle, manageable; 2. gentle, fair, suitable

mallådska nf. (ON marglátska, marglæti) 1.loud, shrill; 2. noise

mama nf. 1. wet-nurse; 2. woman acting as a mother to children in the mother's absence

mami nm. subsoil of the ground

mamma nf. mother

mammgollja nf. 1. godmother; 2. midwife

mana vw. to shake, tremble (esp. the head) owing to paralysis or weakness

mana nn. (ON ma(g)nið?) land, mainland

manjuggelti nm. 1. magic art; 2. juggling tricks

manket adj. exhausted

mann nm. 1. man; 2. married man; 3. master of the house

manndomm,manndum nm. manhood

manndyrð nf. 1. manliness; 2. doughtiness; 3. strength, bravery

mannferdig adj. marriageable

mannfolk nn. male, man

mannsvit nn. human intellect

Mansmessss nf. 19 Dec. (old style); 31 Dec. (new style)

mar nm. 1. the sea, deep-sea; 2. mire, mud, clay; 3. desolation, great sorrow, depression; hannj lagdi mog i maren he laid me in the clay > he troubled me with bad news

mara nf. nightmare

mardestinkel nm. (ON -stökkva? 'to jump') 1. a great feverish haste; 2. a great excitement

mareld nm. phosphorescent light in the sea

marfloga nf. water-flea

marg pron. much, many

marglit adj. 1. variegated;2. having shades of differentcolours; 3. speckled, mottled

Marimesss nf. Lady day, 25 March; Mar(i)messrið rough weather on M.

mark nn. 1. mark; 2. ear-mark;3. matter of consequence; 4. reputation,esteem; 5. prominent person

mark nn. mark (weight, land)

marka vw. 1. to mark; 2. to indicate; 3. to denote, notice; dað er ikke at marka drøm dreams don't signify anything (ON þat er ekki mark at draumum)

marksten nm. stone forming a boundary-mark

marsgum nm. (ON -gumi) angler

marul nm. (ON mörulfr) angler

marvit nm. 1. stunt,2. miserable creature

mask nm. (ON möskvi) mesh, loop in plaiting

maska nm. 1. to make meshes, loops; 2. to catch in a net

mast nm. mast of a boat or ship

matlo nf. common fly, also Ork.

mattismess nf. St. Matthew's mess, 21 Sep.

meg nn. unsuccessful execution or result

megem, megom nf. light, a streak of daylight

megerdomnm. illness, slight illness

megg nn. 1. doubtless strength; 2. ability; 3. good condition; 4. well-developed state

megin nn. 1. centre, central part; 2. the darkest time at midnight; uppå meginið av nåitteni

mel nm. sand-bank

mel nm. 1. certain weight; 2. measure for weight

mellkavi nm. dense heavy snow-storm = mellmurin

mello vw. to crash into small pieces

melta vw. to injure, hurt

men nn. 1. hurt, disease, pain; 2. injury

mena vw. 1. to hurt; 2. to cause pain, injury;

menga vw. to mix, mingle

menget adj. mixed (with another colour)

ment nf. (ON ment accomplihment; good quality) trial or feat of strength

merd, merdj, mergj nf. (mergð) crowded mass of things or creatures

mergi nf. (ON mergr f.) marrow (in bone)

mergiben nn. 1. marrowbone; 2. breastbone (?)

merki nn. mark, boundary-mark; esp. between 2 pieces of arable land; merkisten

merkigårð nm.ridge or strip between 2 pieces ofarable land

merkisdag of mar, 1 of the masses or saint days

merkismet nm. abundant meal, much and reach food

merkistið nf. the point of a time when a festival takes place

merkol nm. a piece of wood to which the ploughshare (sokk) is fixed

mesel nm. unsuccessful carying out of something, unsuccessful result

mesi nm. an open straw-basket

mester-treeeenn. plough

met, mat- nn. 1. measure, boundary; 2. mark; 3. limit; 5. moderation; 6. print, impression

meta vw. to make a mark or print; hans skugar metaði golvið his shoes left dirty marks on the floor

meta vw. (past metti) 1. to feed; 2. to kernel, become ripe

metla vw. to hurt, injury; hannj fellj og metlaði sog

mid nn. 1. landmark;2. fishing-ground

mida nn. to mark, locate, esp. in boat-fishing

midrum nn. the midmost space in a boat

mikkel, mukkel adj. great, much

Mikkelsmess nf. Michaelmass 29 Sep (old), 12 Oct (new)

milda vw. to crush into small pieces, crumble; hannj mildaði kost inn i mjølk

millja prep. G between

milljablanjda vw. 1. mixed oat- or barley-meal; 2. untidy mixture or heap of things put together; tingen vuru i milljablanjdu the things were all flung together confusedly

min pron. my

mink nm. diminution

minka vw. 1. to diminish; 2. tocause a visible decrease; 3. to grow less; at minka burt

minki adj. diminutive

minnamågi nm. foremost part of a stomach of a fish

minnjet adj. minded, of a certain disposition

miðnåd, minud nf. midnight

mirr nn. slight vibration

misbø vs. 1. to underbid; 2. to wrong; misboden underbid, wronged (ON misboðinn)

misfør nf. 1. misfortune; 2. accident; 3. injury

misføra vw. 1. to miscarry; 2. to be injured; 3. to meet with misfortune; dað misførdi it didn't succeed; 4. to perish at sea, capsize, wreck; misføren gone wrong

misgenga vs. to miss each other, go different ways, pass each other without meeting;de misgingu annjehvaran

misgløma vw. to neglect or forget to do a thing

mishandla vw. to ill-treat, hurt by rough usage

miskenna vw. 1. to mistake one person for another; 2. to undervalue, fail to appreciate

mismand adj. (ON mismannaðr or mismenntr) weakened, exhausted by exertion

miss nm. loss, loss by death of a person or animal

missa vw. (ON misti) to lose (by death)

missin nf. slackening, decreasing

mistru nf. mistrust

mistru vw. to mistrust, disbelieve

mjappa vw. to lap, produce a sound when licking a milk

mjava vw. to mew (cat)

mjavi nm. cat T

mjoget adj. yellowish-brown

mjork nm. dense fog

mjåget adj. lean, gaunt, sickly looking

moder [mara, mora] nf. mother; moder alen adv. quite alone

moggjek [dzj] nn. (ON mý) gnat

moinjd nn. (ON mund) 1. period, long while; 2. spirits, temper; 3. excited state of mind

moinjdi nn. feeling, sensation

moinnj nm. mouth; monnlipp, monnmågi

moinnjvik nn. corner of the mouth

moinnjkast nn. good appetite

mol nf. pebble-ridge

molten adj. 1. decomposed; 2. coagulated

mon nm. (ON munr) 1. marked influence upon something, marked change; 2. progress;3. difference; dað ger mon

mona vw. 1. to move a little; bring about a changeor progress; vil du mona djer litið?

mona upp 1. to add; 2. to fill up; dað monar upp it's a good addition; it's filling (food)

monali, munali adj. 1. considerable; 2. really good or large

morkin adj. 1. somewhat spoiled or rotten; 2. misty; 3. wet; moskin(d)

most nm. 1. vapour;2. mist

mu nf. 1. weakening;2. wasting away

mu nf. froth, saliva

mu nm. kernel (esp. in a corn)

mua vw. 1. to be weakened, waste away; 2. feel hungry

mud, mød, mø nm. mood, temper

mud nn. 1. indistinct shape of something; 2. likeness, shape, form

mugga nf. soft drizzling rain

mukkelevinm. (ON mikil afi 'big grandad' or nukkel afi < nykr) devil, sea-devil

mulig adj. diminutive

mulikin nm. a sock reaching a little above the ankle

mumla vw. 1. to munch, chew; 2. to mumble

murod adj. (ON mórauðr) reddish-brown

murkavi nm. dense snowfall, snow storm

murt nm. small object or being, small coalfish (1st year)

mus nf. mouse

musker nn. whisper, murmur; eg hørdi aldri et musker um dað

muskra vw. to whisper, murmur

muskerod adj. 1. dark-grey with reddish-brown shade; 2. light brown

musket adj. dark coloured (sheep)

mutna vw. 1. to be decayed; 2. to be dried up; 3. to rot slowly

muttel nm. small knife

mynnji nn. 1. mouth, opening in a firth; 2. strait, sound, bay

mynni: åmynni tomorrow (ON á *myrgni)

mynt nf. something as ornament, distinction, honour; hon tinker dað vara mynt uppå sog

mynta vw. to endeavour to form or shape of something

mynveg nm. (ON myndvegr) 1. outline; 2. form; 3. outward marks of distinction (f.ex. in the dark)

myrdin adj. 1. of un unusual circumference; 2. very tall and long; 3. huge

myrk adj. dark

myrkabrod nn.(ON mjörkvabrot) mist covering the hill-tops

myrker nn. darkness

myrki nn. deep, dark cave

myrkna vw. 1. to grow dark; 2. to become evening

myrkning nf. twilight

møl nn. a sultry heat

møld nf. earth-mould

møli adj. wearied, languid

mølk nn. the milt of a male fish; ON mjölkvi

mølos adj. sluggish and weak, with slack unhandy hold

mølos adj. 1. chary of words; 2. reserved; 3. weak-minded and dull

møn nn. 1. might; 2. strength; 3. energy

møna nf. spinal marrow

mør nm. (ON mór) heath, moor, pasture in common

mør, møri nf. (ON mýri) bog, swamp

møratu(g) nf. (ON maurþúfa) 1. the ant; 2. ant-hill

mørin nf. disagreeable pricking or tingling sensation in the body

måger nm. 1. poor, feeble physical condition; 2. bony miserable animal

mågra vw. to become lean, emaciated

mågi nm. stomach (fish)

måjfåj nn. 1. absurd fun; 2. mad pranks; 3. little merry-making, party

måin, måien nn. 1. power, display of energy; 2. activity of mind; 3. noise, confusion

måinlos adj. week, feeble, having no energy

mål nn. 1. voice, speech; 2. matter, case; in: lomål, umål; 3. limit;sommermål, sjurmål

måliskop nn. certain land-measure

måni nm. moon

månnjskab nm.power, ability (esp. physical)


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