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nab adj. (ON hnappr, knappr) scant, stingy, that gives short measure

nada, njada vw. to decay, waste away, moulder

nadi, naddi adj. undeveloped, checked in growth (esp. corn)

nagg, njagg nn. 1. importunity, troubling or teasing by reiterations; 2. nagging; 3. prop. gnawing

nagga, njagga vw. to importune, trouble; at njagga burt at e-on

nakket adj. immature (esp. of corn); pp. of nakka to check in growth

nalta nf. grain, particle

namngeden adj. (ON nafngitinn) well-known, famous

namn nn. name

Narulsa nunn, Nirelsa nønn nnthe name of an old fairy song or melody

nasems nn. intercourse with women, esp. vulgar

natig adj. (Nor. natig) 1. small and neat; 2. vivacious, energetic, active

nava vw. to gnaw (off)

navarbor nf. (ON -bora) a hole in a piece of wood

naver nm. (ON nafarr) auger

naversben, navarben nn. the uppermost vertebra of the neck

naverd adj. necked, having a neck of certain description

nebb nn. 1. beak or neb of a bird; projecting point (of a stone)

nebbet adj. having a beak

neðbord nm. (ON niðrburðr) 1. bait; 2. a fish cut into pieces T

ned adv. down; set dog ned!

nedfalljklokk nn. large species of beetle, klokk

nedlag nn. heavy snowfall

nedlega nf. couch, resting-place

nedlop nn. heavy downpour of rain

nedset nn. haunt, domicile

nedtak nn. taunt, disparaging reference to a person

nedra vw. 1. to lower; 2. to depreciate

Nedra adj. the lower of two; vs. Øvra

negga vw. to neigh (of a horse)

neggt [neχt] nf. 1. rancour; 2. ill-will

nei interj. no

neppa vw. (past nepti) to join together;at neppa hanjdena to clench the hand

ner pron. inter. (ON nær) when?

nes nn. ( nesjon) ness, promontory

neti adj. 1. (neat) comely; 2. quick and agile; 3. smart

nettla vw. to triffle with one's work

nev nn. 1. nose; 2. beak, point; 3. the handle of an oar

nevi, njavi nm. 1. fist; 2. clenched fist; 3. fistful, handful; hannj kneppti [hneppti, sneppti] sin nev he clenched his fist

nevatag nn. a fist-grip; at taka goitt nevatag

never adj. (ON snæfr/snoefr; noefr) narrow and steep

nevgrip nn. 1. as much as can be gripped or held in the closed hand; 2. fistful = nevlok, njevlok (ON hnefalok, Ork. (Hoy) knevslok)

niba vw. 1. to stand or sit in bent position; at sita nibandi øver eldenon; 2. to hang the head

nibeldis adj. 1. niggardly;2. avaricious

nid nn. shooting pain in the body from straining or spraining

nida vw. 1. to ache; 2. to strain, sprain

nidra vw. 1. to lower, check; 2. to disregard; 3. to waste away, diminish; bånnjið er nidrað ned; de animal es nidrað burt

nidderd adj. checked in growth, poor, not having reached its full size

nidderet adj. 1. wasted away; 2. miserable

nidi adj. 1. stingy;2. avaricious; 3. greedy

niga vw. (ON niða) to ache, pain;a nigin pain

nigda nf. wife T

nigga vw. 1. to trouble smb with repeated inquires; 2. to annoy; 3. to worry

niggel, njiggel nm. 1. hard substance; 2.hard, tough matter, tough soil

nigla gnaw; 2. to chew; 3. to work without progress

nigli adj. hard, tough (of soil)

nikk nn. 1. jerk, snatching; 2. sudden pain

nilda vw. 1. to beat, thrash with the hand; 2. to buffet; 3. to keep one down; 4. to take advantage

nilda vw. 1. to bite, chill; 2.metaph: to ache, smart

nilda vw. 1. to press, squeeze; 2. to knead (dough)

niu-mødra-met nm. popular belief about food, collected from nine mothers whose first-born were sons, and used as a remedy for a very sick child; sonamors-met

nip nm. 1. a steep overhanging crag; 2. a steep mountain top

nirl nm. a cold biting wind

nirla vw. to rub; at nirla (burt) at gønni to scrape away at the fiddle

nirlig adj. bitter, cold

nirt nm. 1. closeness;2. stinginess

nisa vw. to sneeze

nisek nm. porpoise, dolphine

nist nm. (ON (g)neisti) 1. spark of fire; 2. morsel of something

nistra vw. to creak, produce a loud penetrating sound

nivla vw. 1. to squueze, pinch; 2. to press; 3. to seize and shake somebody, knuckle

njad nn.hard wearisome work, drudgery

njoga vw. to whine and complain, moan

njuggel nm. water-nixie - supernatural being

njuling nm. fool, simpleton

nokki nm. hook, fish-hook

nombrastobbnm. (ON -stubbr, -stubbi) a quiet place, esp. at the sea

nombrastom nf. 1. very thick mist; 2. deep pondering

norden adj. 1. from the north; 2. belonging to the northern part of Shetland

nori nm. 1. puffin;2. barnacle; Tommi nori

norn nf. Norn language

norn adj. (ON norroenn) Norn, of Norn or Old Norwegian origin; norn visek a Norn song or ballad; norna tungan

nos nf. 1. rocky point, tongue of land; 2. prop. a nose

nosskerð nf, nosskerding nm. deep cut or mark on a sheep

not nn. pl.? use, benefit; neg. dað eru ingen not i di

not nn. 1. cow T; 2. blockhead

novnf. high point of land, promontory

nov, njov adj. smart, clever, active

nu adv. now; dað er nu og so it's neither good nor bad; nu, nu! stop that! keep quiet!

nukki nm. 1. twisting, tangle; 2. knot

null nn. cipher 0

numskoljt nm. stupid fellow, numskull

nunna vw. to hum a tune

nup nm. a steep crag

nurtrus adj. cold, disagreeable, inclement

nust nn. boat's shed

nut nn. 1. cow T; 2. cattle; 3. stupid person; nutfot cow-bone < ON nautfótr

nuv nm. (ON hnúfr) steep promontory

nyr nn. (ON nýra) kidney

nf. (ON nægð/nauð) excessive fatness; at vara i nø

nøda vw. 1. to whimper, complain; 2. to desire, long for; at nøda og krimpa

nønna vw. to hum, sing low to himself  = nunna

nønn nn. song, tune

nøtskel(t) nn. (ON knýtill + L.Sc. knitchell) bundle, parcel

nåla vw. to sew firmly

nåma vw. (past nåmdi) to touch or take food

nåmen adj. quick of apprehension, intelligent, shrewd and capable

nåni nm. dwarfish person, boy too small for his age

nåralegg nm. big needle with broken eye


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