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oba vw. to open; oba dønnar!

obadalig, obadjalig adj. 1. incapable, weakly; 2. useless

obder nn. (ON uppdyri or ofdyri) 1. wooden lintel or shelf above a door; 2. penthouse

obo nn. 1. appearance, pretence; 2. something done for the sake of appearances

oddi nm. point, tongue of land

ogelsku nm. old, worn-out shoe; at gånga i ogelsku

ogga vw. 1. to satisfy; 2. to give one good and dainty food

ohoitt, uhoitt nm. (ON ótti) sudden owerhelming fear of the supernatural

ok- adj. prefix (ON auka-) additional

okenli adv. often, frequently

oknamn nn. nickname, (mocking) epithet

okra vw. (ON okra, auka) 1. to augment, increase; 2. to raise

old nf. 1. hazy, sultry weather; 2. oppressive heat

olg nf. (ON ólga) heavy commotion in the sea

olg nn. poppressive heat

olljapluck nn. (ON ullar- + L.Sc. pluck) remains of wool

olljastu nm. (ON -stúfr) sheep's carcass found in the outfield

ollemos adj. poor, wretched, bony

olmø nm. (ON almúgi/-múgr) large assembly of people, gathered crowd

ombod nn. (ON umboð) 1. factorship;2. vicar's tithe

ombodsland nn. crown property, national property

omgordinn adj. surrounding

omgording nm. (ON umgyrðingr) border, thick rope around the mouth of a basket

ompastobb nn. 1. confusion; 2. disorder; 3. untidiness

omujjem pron. 1. two objects of the same kind; 2. nothing else

onjd nf. heat (sun, atmospheric); see also ønn

onjdali adj. 1. strange, doubtful, mysterious; 2. wicked, evil; 3. forebodding bad weather

onjdelokk nf. accident, misfortune; dað er onjdelokk falljen uppå de they've met with an accident

onjder nn. 1. small porch; 2. penthouse; 3. wooden shelf

onjder prep. and adv. under

onjdergjud nf. (ON undirgjót) under-current in the sea

onjdergrå, -gru nm. (ON -gróði/græði?) swell in the sea, indicating storm

onjderhvigg, underhvigg nn. under-current in the sea

onderstenn nm. 1. 'under-stone', stone forming a base; 2. metaph. author, esp. of something bad

onjgdi nm. (ON andi) 1. stink; 2. strong and disagreeable smell

onglabiter nm. ling biting the line

onnj nf. (ON önn) eagerness, love of work

opantil adv. above, on the heights

ord nf. (ON urð) 1. a heap of fragments of rock; 2. big boulder

orm nm. 1. vermin;2. swarm; 3. dense shoal of small fish

orma vw. to creep, crawl

ormel nn. pl. (ON ørmul) remnant, particle, fragment

ornaskap, -skepp nn. form of ear-mark

orta adj. (ON úrtak?) rare, occurring at long intervals; uttakin taking out; selected

osta vw. 1. to waste, disappear; 2. to melt, cause to disappear

ostmjølk nf. ost-milk

ousa vs. 1. to bale; 2. to pour down; 3. to lift feet high in walking

ousmål nn. quantity of water in the bottom of a boat

ousterrumm nn. well-room of a boat

overgengen adj. 1. imperious, tyrannical; 2. violent; intractable

overgeng vs. 1. to exceed the right measure; 2. to become overfilled

overgeng nm. 1. excess of measure; 2. violence, arrogance; 3. aggression

overgrip nn. 1. the upper hand (in wrestling); 2. sprain

overgripa vs. to sprain; hannj overgrep sina hanjd

overi(n), øveri nn. 1. the last cake; 2. something left over

overli adv. excessively

overlig adj. 1. excessive, too big; 2. exaggerated

overskodd nn. 1. rebound of a wave; 2. too great haste

overteken adj. overwhelmed

overtak nn. the upper hand


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