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pada vw. to tell somethingsecretly, in a few words

padd nf. (ON padda) toad

pakk nm. (ON pakki) certain quantity of vadmal, pack

pakki nm. collection of lines (fishing)

pallj adj. smooth and flat; legge fisken palljt inn i fadið!

pallj nn. head (jok.)

pallj nm. rocky ledge

pannjabrod nn. a piece of broken pot

pansjad nn. excitement, confused hurry

parl nn. gritty excrement (esp. of sheep)

patla, paitla vw. to push, poke, rake in something

pengar money, coin

perskit adj. 1. very accurate, punctual; 2. very formal, polished, ceremonious in behaviour

pillj nm. (ON píll) buoy T

pilk nm. (ON piltr) little child

pina vw. to pin, fasten

pinka vw. to decorate, trim; at pinka upp

pinket adj. stiff and dressed up, affectedly neat

pinnast vw. to suffer distress (starvation, cold)

pintlek nm. short petticoat

piri adj.indecl. (Nor. pirre) small; also Ork, Caith.

pirket adj. 1. shrunk; 2. shrivelled; 3. very thin and lean

pirket adj. 1. curly; fizzly; 2. bristly

pirla vw. to void excrement (mice)

pirmin adj. very angry, furious

pirna vw. to shrivel, waste away; at pirna upp

pirrena nf. 1. a little ailing creature, sickly child; 2. girl

pistra vw. 1. to utter a faint sound; 2. to squeak, screech; 3. to whimper; eg kan nømen pistra I can hardly speak for exhaustion

pisterliti nn. (ON -læti) person who constantly complains

pita nf. tiny, fragile creation, poor thing

pja nn. pulsation of life, breath; dað er ikke pja i honon he is exhausted

pja vw. 1. to stir faintly, show signs of life; 2. to breathe faintly; hannj pjadi aldri mere he never never breathed anymore

pjag nn. 1. breath of life; 2. vital power; 3. capacity for work

pjaga vw. 1. to move faintly; 2. to breathe (faintly)

pjagin adj. 1. upon the point of expiring; 2. quite exhausted

pjakk nm. physically weak but active in work person

pjakket adj. 1. small, undevelopped; 2. weakly, having little physicalstrength

pjarki adj. small, unsignificant

pjolet adj. ragged

pju nn. faint pulsation of life, breath; dað er ikke lengre pju i honon

pjurem nm. (ON rjómi) perfectly calm weather and sea

plagg nn. garment (= bad)

plakk adv. entirely

planka vw. to measure land, divide into planks

plinga vw. to produce a tinkling sound (violin); at plinga å gønni

plousi nn. halibut T

plu nm. (ON plógr) plough; (also ar, er(d), ård- < arðr)

pludisom adj. persevering in efforts, plodding

poki, pjoki nm. 1. bag, poke; 2. small paper-bag

pollj nm. 1. a small roundish land-locked bay or creek; 2. pool

poittabrod nn.piece of broken pot

poittek nm. pot for holding train-oil

poitti nm. 1. pot; 2. tea-pot

poittskerð nn.piece of broken pot

porta vw. to get to burn

pos nm. (ON posi) bag, esp. money-bag

posi, pusi, pudj nm. swamp, morass

pottisidna nf. swine, pig T

pramm nn. gruel of milk and meal

pramm nm. small flat-bottomed boat, pram, esp. Norwegian-build; Norva-pramm

pramma vw. 1. to squeeze, press; 2. to stuff, cram

predikanter nm. clergyman T

prestengolva nf. clergyman T

prett nm. 1. a mean trick, mischievous act; 2. iron. a good example; 3. trial of strength; 4. rogue

prigga vw. 1. to poke, prod; 2. to irritate, tease

proggja, prodja vw. 1. to prod with a pointed stuff; 2. to try to coax something out of a person

proggjek nm. great feat of strength; hannj var uppi fyri proggjek i nåitt

prud adj. 1. stately;2. magnificent; 3. of the best kind

prummek nm. 1. nipple (fem.); 2. round flatcake; 3. prummekar: female breasts

prunk, prunket adj. 1. shining; 2. fine and smart; 3. splendid and strutting

prunka vw. 1. to shine; 2. to give a fine appearance;

eg myn prunka mog upp I'll put on fine clothes

prus interj. shout used in driving cows and horses

prå nn. (ON bragð/brá?) somethingremarkably good, excellent thing

pråg nf. 1. oil from melted fish-livers; 2. fish and potatoes served with melted liver-oil

puka vw. to push, strike

puki nm. infant dying unbaptized (according to an old Shetlandic belief, salvation only can be obtained by baptism)

pultri adj. 1. very restless; 2.unruly, wind

pund nn. pound

punder nm. steel-yard

pung, pong nm. testicle

purlkildi nm. a person easily teased or offended

purt nm. stagnant pool, dirty puddle

purta vw. 1. to part, divide; 2. to fall into two or more parts, suffice for dividing

purt nm. part, share

purtning nf. insufficient quantity of any kind of food

pusk nm. great anger, excitement

puster nm. 1. violent wind, storm; hannj kom veð pustri a storm arose; i pustri og gustri; 2. great anger, excitement; 3. vital power, capacity for work; dað er ikke (mukkil) puster i honon

putta vw. to push, nudge with the elbow

pyrr nm. breath of wind

pytti  nn. small broken pot

pøla vw. to make fun of somebody

påbi nm. 1. foster-father; 2. head of a family; 3. old man; 4. pope; 5. evil spirit, devil

pån nm. piece of green turf for thatching


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