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ra nn. (ON röð) 1. a rank, row; 2. a certain length; 3. furrow

ra vw. (ON raða) to shorten animal's tether by a certain length

rab nn. 1. precipitation, fall (of a mass of rock); 2. crashing sound

raba vw. 1. to tumble down (rocks); 2. to pour down; 3. to speak incoherently

rabl nn. 1. scrapings, refuse; 2. unsuccessful attempt

rad nn. (ON ráð, röð) 1. order, tidiness; 2. (good) management, good execution; at hava goitt [ilt] rad veð e-t; du hever ikke rad veð dað; hannj hever rad uppå sina vinnu

rada vw. (ON raða, ráða) 1. to arrange/execute things in some order; 2. to be thrifty, save; at rada upp husið; hannj kenner ikke um radin he has no sense of economy, lets things go anyhow; midið var ikke rett radað the situation of the fishing-ground was not rightly determined

raff nn. boast, nonsense

rag adj. lean, wretched (animal)

rag nn. low fellow, loose in habits or character

rag nn. 1. wandering about, walk; 2. idle aimless strolling; 3. vagrant; 4. something that drifts, driftwood

rag nn.1.disorder, untidy state; 2. untidy person

raga vw. (ON hrekja) to ill-treat, bully; raget, ill-raget

raga vw. (Sw. raga) to wander, stroll idly about = ragast um

raga vw. (ON raka) to scrape or scratch over a surface

raga nf. 1. scrapings;2. refuse; 3. wreckage; 4. confusion; 5. ruin; 6. misfortune;7. skeleton; dað er ikke efter men ragan; faren i ragu ruined;

raga vw. woman

ragabet adj. 1. very talkative; 2. long-winded

ragi adj. slight, passing

rakki nm. dog T; skitirakki

rallja vw. to chat in a long-winded, noisy way

ralli nn. 1. a quick turning; 2. sudden faltering or reeling; hannj gerdi ralli uppå sog he lost his balance, reeled suddenly

ram nm. paw, provided with claws (esp. that of a cat); kattiramar, see also krammek

rama vw. to scratch, tear; grab

ramaklagg nn. screaming, shouting, clamour

ramist adj. (LSc ramish + No. romsen) 1. out of sorts; 2. peevish; 3. fretful

ramsekka vw. (ON rannsaka) to ransack, search thoroughly

ramsk adj. 1. sharp, rancis; 2. sour; a r. taste

ramska nf. fit of merriment or wantonness

ranjd nf. 1. margin, border; 2. stripe, strip

randra vw. to spread around, scatter

randra vw. to rob, plunder

rang nm. roe, spawn

rang adj. 1. wrong, crooked; 2. incorrect

rangsida nf. wrong side

rank adj. 1. crank, apt to heel over; 2. brittle, fragile

Rann nf. sea goddess

ransla vw. (ON rannsaka) to search house in order to find stolen goods

ranselmann nm. investigator

rasa vw. to walk undsteadily;rasin veð søgu [megerdomi]

rasa vw. to eat off (about cattle leaving no grass)

raska vw. to grow very rapidly and lusuriantly

rats nm. buttock, posteriors

ratska nf. long-winded story (esp. in telling news)

rebdiskit nm. worthless fish

red nm. boundary line of fishing-ground at sea

red nm. (ON reiði) 1. order, tidiness; 2. implements

reda vw. (ON greiða; past reddi) 1. to put in order, make clear; 2. to manage, pay one's way; at reda sina hanjd 1) to manage, pay one's way; 2. to extricate oneself; hannj reddi sina hanjd veð di

redskab nm. (ON reiðskapr) fishing-line or -tackle

rega, raga (ON reka) vs.1. to drive, chase (of clouds, wind); 2. to blow hardor full on

rega nf. driving, drifting; at søka e-t ut av regu to search in all possible places

regenvista, -vosta nf. 1. an open place greatly exposed to wind or rain; 2. wind blowing on an open place

reget adj. streaked

reka vw. (ON reika) to saunter about; at reka um; hvarna reikar du til?

reka vw. (ON rekja) to unwind, unfold

rekka vw. (Nor. rekkja, Dan. række) to reach, stretch (hand for something)

reksa vw. 1. to stretch out, lengthen; 2. to stretch the limbs; 3. to hand, pass; at reksa uppå sog

rekster nm. 1. rapid growth; 2. exageration in counting; 3. pulling by the ears

rekster nm. 1. driving, chasing (after); 2. long journey; haste, speed; hannj gerdi pørlan rekster he didn't gain much

rem nf. 1. strap, strip; 2. streak (of light); 3. thin, narrow board

rena vw. (Fær. rena (eyguni)) to let one's eyes rove

reng nf. 1. knee-timber in a boat; 2. seat for the steersman

renga vw. (ON rengja) to distort, wring

rennaviti nn. vagrant

rep nn. (ON reip) rope, line (esp. clothes)

repa vw. to fasten with a rope

repibandvw. rope or band to which  to fasten the mouth of a basket

resa vw. (ON reisa; past resti) to pile up

resa vw. (ON ræsa; past resti) to set off at a run

rett nm. enclosure for cattle

rið nf. (ON hríð) 1. spell of bad weather; 2. attack of pain or illness; lambarið

riða vs. to ride

rib nn. 1. strip (of ground); 2. a thin piece of wood

ribbek nm. extensive fisning-ground

ridl nn. long story

ridla vw. to exaggerate or intersperse a story with falsehoods

ridli pebble on the shore

rift nf. 1. rift (in a landscape); 2. fissure in a rock

rifta vw. to belch

rikla vw. to cut a herring into pieces

rimska vw. to set bad rumours afloat, talk scandal

rimska nf. noisy mirth

rina vs. (ON rhína) to shriek, squeal (ofswine, pigs)

rinjd nf. 1. setting off a run; 2. sudden start, jump

ring nm. ring

rinna vs. (ON renna) 1. to run; 2. to be able to stand: at rinna veteren; at rinna at to run up tightly (of a knot)

rinna vw. (ON renna; past rinjdi) to let run, to set off at a run; at rinna i boittn to run the line to the bottom (Fær. renna í botn)

riska vw. to cause a scratch

rispa vw. 1. to strip; 2. to scratch; 3. to cut

rist nf. 1. instep; 2. wrist

riv nf. ( rivja) reef

riva vs. to tear, pull

rivek nm. cleft, fissure in a rock

rivet adj. careless and negligent in work

ro vw. (ON róa) to remain at rest in one place

rod nm. (ON roti) crowd

rod nm. (ON hroði) refuse, waste

rof nn. damage, destruction, confusion; rof og spøli (spoil) damage, destruction, confusion

rogg nm. bog, stout and strong person

rogga vw. to raise or shrug one's shoulders

rogget adj. big, stout, strong (person)

roggisomadj. well developed and strong

rolli nm. mackerel T

ronalent nn. 1. liquid manure from cattle; 2. gutter; 3. mire, mud

roni nm. boar

ronnek nm. 1. small watercourse; 2. channel

ronzji nn. an urging on; at geva e-on ronzji 1. to urge one on [to] drive; 2. to chase away

rora vw. to injure the health

rossajoga nn. horse's eye

rotta nf. rat T

rovek nm. cleft between the buttocks

rovek nm. 1. rump (of an animal); 2. tail

ru vw. to hurry with one's work

ru nf. rest, quiet; uru

rug nf. (ON hrúfa, hrúga) 1. a heap, pile; 2. crowd

rugget adj. hard, stiff (tide, wind)

ruglet adj. insecure, rocking

ruk nn. spoondrift

rukka nf. 1. good while, short period (longer than riid - ??); fairly long way

ruksnaviti nn. fool, simpleton

rum nn. 1. room;2. space between 2 thwarts in a boat;3. allotment, small holding

rum adj. roomy; rum vind following wind, opp. to krapp vind

rumla vw. rumble

rummelfat nn. depository for all kinds of trifles

rummelhaljd nn. 1. muddle; 2. confusion

rummikel nm. (ON -karl) rude, boisterous person

rums nn. 1. stirring, sudden movement; 2. tumult, swell in the sea

rumsa vw. 1. to stir, turn round; 2. to root (of swine)

rund adj. round tongs

rus nn. 1. onrush, hurry; 2. strong wind

rusk nm. (ON röskr adj.) 1. stour, strong person (boy, young); 2. active energetic person

ruskalig adj. strong, healthy, well developed

russa nf. mare

russ nn. 1. horse; 2. hardy child running running bear-headed in all weathers

rust nf. iron-rust

rust nf. strong tidal current; (in Ork. saga current = röstin)

rusta vw. to rust; rustet

rustju, ruskju nn. 1. great disorder; 2.great confused haste

ruta vw. to bellow loudly

ruth nm. (róðr) 1. a rowing;2. a rowlock in a boat

rygg nm. 1. the back; 2. ridge

ryggagitel nm. high curved part of a swine's back near the neck

ryggben nm. backbone

rygget adj. having a different colour on the back (svart-, røð- etc.)

ryggriva vs. to tear (scratch)

ryn(n)a vw. (ON hrynja) to fall, slide (earth, rocks)

rød, rø adj. red; weak forms: rødi 1. red stallion [bull]; 2. fire (in a riddle); røda red mare [cow]

røda vw. to build up hurriedly and temporarily; at røda upp [samen]

rødastabbb nm. (ON reyðrastabbi, reyðr - whale) block of wood

rødelek adj. foreboding the fine rain (weather); hannj er rødelek there's a prospect of rainy weather

rødret adj. reddish (white)

røllet adj. in heat

rømi, remi nm. (ON rjómi) a dead calm weather at sea

røni nn. (ON hraun) 1. stony hill; 2. stone-heap

røs nn. (ON hrós) 1. praise; 2. recommendation

røsa vw. 1. to commend highly; 2. to boast

røslet adj. 1. impetuous; 2. hasty; 3. heedless

røta vw. to root

røvaskerri nn. 1. a worthless thing; 2. worthless objects

nn. (ON hræ) carcass (of an animal)

nf. (ON hræða) bugbear, scarecrow

råð nn. advice; goitt at taka gamla manna råð

råða vs. (ON ráða) to desire the boar (male), of a sow

rågi nm. (ON ráð) kind of evil spirit

rånga vw. (ON hrang) to rign, resound

rånka vw. to clear up (storm, bad weather)

råra nf. (ON hræða) bogey, esp. a scarecrow

råsa vw. (ON ræsa, past råsti) to run the fishing-line down the bottom

råsigat, råsihol limber-holes in a boat

råss nn. (ON ræxn) knot on an animal's tether in order to short it

råth nn. (ON ræði) rights or authority (over a property); ryt and roith(t) [råð] rights

råthman nm. man with full rights over his property, odaller

råvilt adj. (ON ráðvilltr) 1. puzzled, vacilating; 2. in a dilemma; 3. utterly mad


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