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sabba vw. to saturate (esp. with water)

saga nf. 1. tale, narrative; dað er ikke at gera sagu um; 2. saying; dað er komið til minnar sagu it happened just as I said it would (ON þat er komit til sögu minnar)

saga vw. to slacken, cease (tide)

sagda adv. (Fær. saktans) indeed, certainly

sagg, sjagg nn. close, drizzling rain

sagta, sakta [-xt] nf. 1. easy gait, gentle rowing; 2. ease, gentleness

sagta adv. gently, slowly

sagtna vw. to slacken, abate, cease (of wind, tide)

sallja vw. 1. to move, sail; 2. to creep along

sallj nn. ocean current

saklos adj. blameless, guiltless

salhå nm. large full-grown shark = blå(ga)hå

salt nn. salt

salt adj. salt

sambord nm. place of joining together = samfast(in)

samkenn adv. interj. (ON sannkenna v.)certainly! truly!

sand nm. sand

sanjda vw. to say yes continually; at sanjda veð

sandvarpet vw. thrown together in a heap and mixed with sand

sang nm. 1. song;2. singing

sangster nm. cake made of barley-meal kneaded with fish-livers

sann interj. assertive exclamation, truth! uppå min sann! upon my word! (Fær. (uppá) mín sann!)

sannja vw. to prove true, accuse justly

sarablind nn. a large spider with very long legs

sarasløb nf. abig jelly-fish, medusa

saren adj. not able to walk steadily

sed nm. full-grown fish; sillek, murt, piltek, hol(-piltek), drølin (droljen), stivin, beli, benki, welsi, kegga-piltek, kød, sjaper

sedek nm. seat

sedek nm. a fishing-ground near the coast

sedel nm. saddle

sedesup nn. (ON -súpa/saup) sediment of butter-milk

sedviti nn. sheep (Low)

segel nn. sail

segla vw. (ON segldi) to sail; segle burt til strandar!

sekk nm. sack

seksering nm. six-oared boat

sel nf. (ON sæla) happiness

selihu nf. (ON sæluhúfa) caul enclosing a child's head at birth

sem nm. nair, iron nail

sema vw. (ON seyma) to nail down;to s. a boat

semek nm. sewing-needle T

semla vw. 1. to fit, suit; 2. to return to a normal state, regain equilibrium; 3. to smooth; 4. to collect, gather; at semla seng

send nf. 1. a gift sent to one (far away) < sending; 2. slight kick

seppalama interj. (ON søta lambit 'sweet kid') address exclamation

ser adv. south, to the south; his son guid s.

serinsten nm. (ON sigrsteinn) victory-stone, brings a happiness, talisman

seta vw. (ON setja; past setti) 1. to set; 2. to plant; 3. to put to rights; 4. to arrange, place; 5. to receive in a certain condition; at seta dør opna to leave the door open; 6. to treat, entertain (goitt, ilt); 7. to ferry over; 8. to head, steer in a settle in a place; 9. at setast to take a seat; sete dog ned; sete dog inn til eldsens; at seta sin fud til eldsens 1. to make oneself at home; 2. decide to remain: sete din fud inn til eldsens! make yourself at home! hannj setti sin fud til eldsins og vildi ikke rumsa he settled himself down comfortably and would not stir; at seta inn sin fud 1. to withdraw, set aside; 2. break a promise: du hever set inn din fud; at seta ut fuden at gera e-t to undertake a performance of a piece of work;

seta at 1. to set oneself comfortably; 2. to exert oneself, push on; set at djer!

seta efter to pursue

seta frå sjer: to take vigorous pills

seta in to pledge

seta over to ferry over; set mog øver sundið!

seta til to raise a young animal to a winter = seta å

seta samen to put together, compose

seta upp 1. to drive a boat ashore; 2. pull freash peats on the fire; at seta upp birtek

seta ut 1. to move farther out; 2. to compose (a book); 3. to translate; at seta ut buk

seta å 1. to raise a young animal to winter; 2. to strain; 3. to fix, appoint a time or day

seter nn. (ON setr) homestead, farm

seter nn. (ON sætr) pasture for cattle

setning nm. a year-old lamb reared at home in the winter

si vw. (ON sía) to clear by straining

sid adj. (ON síðr) long, reaching low down; sid jakki; dað er øver sitt

siderep nn. one of two ropes by which a harrow is drawn

sigg nn. piece of hard skin; lean, tough meat

sigga vw. 1. to press together; 2. to join twoobjects together

sigga vw. to incite a dog

sigget adj. hard and tough

signavw. 1. to make the sign of the cross; 2. to bless; 3. to practice witchcraft

siggra vw. 1. to press twoobjects into one; 2. to heal (wound)

sija vw. (past sagdi) to say, tell; at sija frå (ON segja frá); at sija til to give instructions; sannjsagd (ON sannsagðr, -mæltr)

sil nn. small fry (esp. of herring)

sila vw. 1. to strain; 2. to ooze, leak; hesten silar vatnið um sin monnj

sild nf. herring

silek nm. young sow

silek nm. young coalfish, first year

sill nn. 1. the milt in male fish; 2. fry (esp. of herring)

sillaland nn. (ON síðlent land?) small piece of field difficult to plough

sima vw. to heed, notice; aldri sima dað! hannj simaði mog aldri he pretended not to see [hear] me

simm nm. 1. a trace, indication of something; 2. a faint suspicion; 3. a hint, vague report; 4. morsel; eg hevdi simm av di

simma vw. to hint, mention vaguely; eg simmaði aldri at eg kendi um dað I never gave a hint that I knew anything about the matter

simmi nm. plaited straw-band

sin nn. sinew

sinna nf. long old and tough grass

sinter nn. small quantity, particle

sirpin badly prepared

sita vs. 1. to sit; 2. to remain (at rest); 3. to reside, live in place;eg hevi sitið mitt hela liv å esu landi; at sita inn under e-on 1. to have one sitting on a knee; 2. show one greatest life affection; jift de kundu hava sitið inn under honon; at seta ut elden to sit (talking) without heeding the fire on the hearth and letting it go out

siverka nf. 1. ahard disagreeable work, toil; 2. soil prepared for planting of potatoes

sjafer nm. a large marine animal

sjaga vw. 1. to gnaw, chew; 2. to talk incessantly

sjaga vw. to worry, fatigue with hard work; sjaget, sjaget ut - knocked up, entirely exhausted

sjageri nn. hard, wearing work

sjagla vw. to cut unevenly with a blunt knife

sjald nm. oyster-catcher

sjalti nm. (ON hjalti, hjaltr = hjaltlendingr) 1. water-flea < springer?; 2. horse, Shetland pony

sjamma vw. 1. to make faces, showing the teeth; 2. to mutter, speak undistinctly; 3. to stutter

sjaphus nn. small porch, penthouse

sjara vw. to creak (door)

sjask nn. 1. trouble;2. toil and moil

sjasket adj. 1. troubled, worried; 2. exhausted, worn out

sjava vw. to gnaw

sjela vw. to fall (frost, dew); at sjela ned, upp, av

sjela vw. 1. slight frost, hoar-frost; 2. dew on the ground; 3. dense mist; 4. dark colour

sjera vs. (ON skera) to cut, reap corn

sjiner nm. sun T

sjodd, sjødd nn. 1. loud humming or rushing sound; 2. noise of many footsteps

sjogg nm. close drizzling or misty rain

sjogg adj. (ON þjukkr) thick, luxuriant growth (grass)

sjoggersten nm. hard stone, kinf of quartz

sjoggisom adj. exhausting, laborious, very tiring

sjol nf. (ON sál) 1. soul; 2. address to a cow during milking; sjolin sjota sweet soul < ON sálin soeta

sjoljåga, -låga nf. mist laying over the sea

sjonn, sjønn nf. 1. small lake, tarn; 2. pond, pool, swamp

sjorg nm. (ON saurr, saurga) wet gravel-soil, esp. sub-soil

sjorgig adj. gravelly; s. land

sju nm. 1. the sea; 2. waves

sjugeng nm. heavy surf

sju vs. (ON skjóta?) to bark the oars in rowing

sjukka vw. (ON *þjukka) to become filled with dense mist

sjukkola nf. (ON þjukk-kúla) cod, "thick-head" T

sjukni nf. thick atmosphere, dense mist

sjupilti nm. 1. sea-demon, water-nixie; 2. triton

sjurmål nn. (ON sjófarmál) high-water mark, edge of the foreshore

sjuski nm. (ON þjófskr) 1. a dog (nickname); 2. an unruly boy; 3. devil;4. clergyman T

sjøni nn. (ON sýni) queer individual, poor person

sjønibøsn nn. (ON sjónar-býsn) a queer, odd-looking person

Sjålma nf. (ON Hjálma) name for a white-headed (dark-coloured) cow

sjålmarket adj. born with a mark in the ear (of a calf)

sjåna vw. (ON skjána) 1. to dwinddle; 2. to shrink; 3. to waste away

sjånin nf. shrinking = sjonament nn.

skaplag nn. (ON skiplag, skaplag) plan (unmatured), castle in the air; at legga upp skaplag [skiplag]

skad nn. 1. a great haste; 2. excitement; 3. noise and disturbance

skag, skegi nn. (ON skagi) point or tongue of land

skal vpp. shall

skal, skelli nf. (ON skel) rock-moss, esp. of korki

skalljet adj. 1. bald; 2. losing hair; 3.imopure, mixed (colour)

skallji nm. 1. a bald head; 2. a bald person; 3. a bare hill-top

skalv nn. (ON skafl) 1. wet snow; 2. large wet snowflakes

skalva vw. to fall (wet snow)

skam nn. a small cloud

skamlos adj. shameless, insolent

skammjok, -jukk nn. 1. a yoke carried by the two middle oxen; 2. a shorter yoke (opp. to utjok)

skanta vw. to probe with a measuring staff

skatt nm. tax, tribute, esp. to the Crown

skatta vw. 1. to impose tax; 2. to pay tax

skattald nn. (ON skatthald) 1. hill-pasture, out-field; 2. land taxed for its use

skavlos adj. unshapely, ugly

ske vw. to happen; hvatna er sked djer?

skedru vw. (ON skaða-rýja?) to pluck the wool from a sheep far too early

skef, skev adj. oblique, askew

skegi nm. 1. sail T; 2. small quantity of wool

skekel nm. 1. bogey, fabulous monster; 2. masquerader

skekla vw. to disguise oneself on a dress of straw

skel nn. (ON skjall + Eng. scale) film growing over the eye, impairing the sight

skela vw. to squint

skelk nm. loud mocking laughter, guffaw

skelka vw. to laugh loud and mockingly

skellj nm. 1. crash, cracking sound of something hard falling or breaking; 2. roar of laughter

skelter nm. (ON skjálfti) (great) commotion in the sea

skena vw. to cut or picka shell-fish out of the shell

skepta nf. 1. something shaken; 2. a porridge-like substance

skepting nm. razor-fish

skerpa vw. to make hard and dry; skerpet

skerping nm. wind-dried fish (sillek, piltek)

skerra vw. to frighten, startle

skerr adj. 1. shy, apt to be startled; 2. loose, slack (of a rope); a s. horse

ski nm. (ON skí(r), Fær. skíggi) adipose membrane in intestines of an animal

ski nn. (ON) wooden plough

skiba vw. (ON skipa) 1. to bring to light, disclose; at skiba e-n (upp) sen sjuv; 2. to introduce a subject; 3. to strip a debtor

skift nn. (ONskipti) sharing out; at gera skift to divide equally

skikk nn. 1. order, state of things; 2. good management, economy, thrift; at hava goitt skikk (veð e-t) 1. to manage well; 2. to be economical, save

skikka vw. keep in order; at skikka husið, mjølk; 2. to manage well; 3. to be economical (esp. food)

skilm nn. 1.a film of milk; 2. a slime scraped from fish                       

skilseta vw. to separate, part (from a companion/flock)

skilter nm. 1. dispersion;2. scattering; 3. spreading

skiltet adj. changeable, wavering

skiltra vw. to saunter about

skimpa vw. to mock, jest, make fun

skimper nm. a mocker, teaser, jesting person

skimpsomadj. good-humoured mocking, jesting

skindoger nm. 1. a slight peal of thunder; 2. a supernatural vision

skink nf. (ON skinka) ham, loin (anim.)

skinkben nn. shank of an animal

skinnalepp nm. 1. a strip, remnant of skin; 2. remains

skinnraga vw. to backbite

skipa vw. to steer (esp. a boat)

skiplaga vw. to make plans or arrangements out of season, build air-castles

skir adj. pure, holy; skirfursdag shire Thursday (ON skírþórsdagr)

skit nm. 1. dirt, filth; 2. excrement of clothes

skita vw. 1. to evacuate; 2. toeject liquid

skita vw. (ON skjóta + Eng. sheet) to play duck and drake

skiva nf. 1. slice (bread); skivek: 1. thick slice; 2. a dry piece of turf; also skivrin/skivrik

skjag nn. something loosely built up, f.ex. a fence, as a shelter against bad weather

skjag nn. pen, esp. for geese; see also stjag

skjoget adj. (ON skýjóttr) greyish, muddy-grey

skjogla vw. 1. to make askew, twist out of shape; 2. to walk crookedly

skjol nm. a broad discolouring streak (red, black etc)

skjona vw. (ON skynja) to examine by touch whether hens are about to lay eggs

skjons nn. (ON skyn) eye accuracy in performing work

skjonsin adj. 1. oblique, slanting; 2. obliquely, aslant

skjotta vw. to peer, peep; see skotta

skjul nn. (ON skjól) shelter

skjut, skjud nm. (ON skjótr) horse T

skjåldra nf. (ON *skjaldra, skjöldr) hoar-frost, layer of hoar-frost

skjårt nm. (ON stjartr) tail; see stjårt

sko nf. turf from the greensward

sko vw. (ON skoða) to examine

skodler nm. 1. master or pilot of the skuda boat; 2. master of ceremonies or festivals; 3. leader

skog nm. shoe

skoitt nn. peeping, look-out, sight, view

skoitta vw. to peer, peep, steal a glance

skoitt nn. 1. peering, glancing; 2. look-out; sight, view; at taka skoitt to steal a glance at; at standa å skoittenu to be on the look-out; i skoitt in sight [view]: at koma i skoitt

skolp nn. jelly-fish, medusa

skolt nm. 1. skull;2. head

skolta vw. to strike one on theh head

skonjda, skoinjda vw. to make haste, put on speed; skonjd dog!

skonzja vw. 1. to thrust, push; 2. to chase, drive away or out; 3. to scrub, scour; 4. to run quickly

skor nn. 1. score, crevice; 2. fishing-ground close to the shore; 3. mood, temper

skord nf. great number, swarm

skord, skjord adj. having sharp edges, notched (of ram's horn)

skord nf?. stay, prop, shore < skorða                       

skorda vw. 1. to prop, support; 2. to shore up a boat; 3. to keep somebody upright by supporting him

skorkna vw. to shrink, get a hard crust, dry quickly; skorknin, see also skorpn-

skorm nf. egg-shell

skorn nf. very small quantity, scrap

skornfullj adj. slippery with frost

skorpi adj. shrunken, dried up

skorping nm. very lean, thin creature (< shrunken, dried up)

skorpna vw. 1. to shrink, dry up;2. to bake too hard

skot nn. a great speed, hurry

skothår nn. pl. 1. short, soft, downy hairs; 2. hair beginning to glow

skotnaruth nm. (ON skottanar-róðr?) special kind of rowing (< rowing by backing)

skot nn. liking, inclination

skottel nm. movable board in a boat

skre nf. (ON skreið) large flock in motion

skre nf. (ON skriða) a slide in a mountain side, landslip

skreling nm. small, feeble and insignificant person

skri vs. (ON skríða) 1. to manage with difficulty; at skri å to get on; 2. to be just able to keep alive; 3. to be barely sufficient; dað myn skri øver hellina it will last over Sunday (from Saturday evening till Monday morning)

skrib nn. 1. a mark, left by scratching; 2. a slender object; 3. a lean creature

skrid, skrig nm. a flock (crowd, shoal) in motion

skrida vw. 1. to move in a dense crowd; 2. to shoal; 3. to teem with maggots or vermins

skrift nf. 1. a crack, fissure; 2. a thin object

skrima vw. 1. barely to distinguish; 2. to peer, see with half-closed eyes

skriva vs. to write

skrivl nn. scribbling, esp. poor handwriting = skrutl

skrivla vw. 1. to scrape, scratch; 2. to grope about; 3. to write very badly

skrog nn. (Etym. uncertain) a large, flat wooden spoon, a skimmer

skrogtjadd nn. (Etym. uncertain) kitchen

skrå nf. 1. a dry piece of skin; 2. an itching part of the skin; 3. sensation of itching

skrå vw. to become (far) too dry; at skrå upp

skråfla nf. itching sensation in the skin

skuda nf. (ON skutla) a 12-oared boat, see skodler

skuggalig adj. 1. spying; 2. subst. sneaking, stealthy person who watches from a hiding place

skugga vw. 1. to shade, cast a shadow; 2. to give a shelter

skuggi, skjuggi nm. (ON skuggi) 1. a shade; 2. dimness;3. shelter, hiding-place, ambush

skulding nn. (ON skuldaþing) thing for civil debts = meeting at which men settle their mutual debts

Skundi nm. name for a dog Smart, Swift, Quick < skundi ‘speed’

skur nf. 1. squall of wind; 2. rare a heavy shower of rain

skurdebogi nm. a jocular term for the youngest member of a family

skuta vw. 1. to jut out, project (rock, foot); 2. to stick out (foot); at skuta ut; at skuta ut øver to beetle, project; hvatna skutar du ut din fud fyri?

skutek nm. 1. a piece of wood in a boat; 2. prop. added piece                 

skuta nf. a small flat-bottomed boat (ship's boat); Norvaskuta

skygga vw. to startle, frigthen

skyl nn. (ON skýli) 1. covering; 2. boat's sail T

skyl nn. a slight surf, wash of waves

skyla vw. (ON skýla) 1. to place a cover; 2. to shade one's eyes with the hand

skyla vw. to lap, wash (of waves)

skylling nm. coin worth nearly a half penny

skødilepp nm.old, worn-out shoe

skøla vw. (ON skýla) to shade one's eyes with one's hand

skølbrugg nf. (ON skjól-brekka) shelter, place (esp. a bank, slope) affording shelter

skøn nn. (Gael. sgian) knife T

skøna vw. to cut up (bait, worms in trout fishing)

skørd nf. great number, swarm; skorr

skørra vw. to frighten, scare away; see skerra

skøv nn. tail (anim., large flat-fish)

skål nf. big wooden bowl

skåld nn. 1. scalding; 2. intense heat of the sun

skålda vw. 1. to scald, burn on the outside; 2. to prepare something hastily and badly; 3. to scorch one

skård nn. (ON skarð) deep depression in the ridge of a hill

slag nm. 1. a slovenly, negligent state; 2. an untidy, loose dress

slag nn. 1. a flock, swarm; 2. indefinite quality

slag nn. beating, drubbing

slaget adj. (ON slakr?) 1. slack, loose, flapping; 2. shapeless and too long owing to long use

slagi nf. hollow in the ground

sleb nn. slackness

sled nf. (ON sleðja) sledge

slefset adj. 1. careless;2. slovenly; 3. untidy

slemet adj. 1. smooth, ingratiating; 2. prop. slimy

slep nn. rough, smacking kiss

slepa vw. 1. to lap, lick with a smacking sound; 2. to kiss in a rough way

sleppa vw. to let slip, leave hold of; at sleppa anjdena to loose one's breath

slett adj. (ON sléttr) flat, smooth; he is s. i' de ljog - the sea is smooth and calm

sletta, skletta nf. level field

slettbak nm. the Greenland whale

sleva nf. 1. salive from the mouth; 2. slush, mire; 3. foolish talk, nonsense

sleva vw. 1. to slaver; 2. to twaddle

sliddra vw. to slip, slither

slidri adj. slippery

slobret adj. soft and slimy, glutinous

slod nn. 1. a lull or interval in rough weather; 2. sweetheart < chance sweetheart (more recent)

sloder nn. great quantity; båten hever fingið sloder

slogg nf. (ON sloka) a full draught

sloinjda vw. to incline, slant

slokka vw. (ON slokkna) to be extinguished, go out (fire); at slokka ut; birteken slokkar ut; utslokket

slokka vw. (ON slökkva) 1. to extinguish light or fire; at slokka elden (ut); 2. to thicken water or soup with meal; at slokka upp, at slokka vatnið; dað er syrpa, til då de slokka dað upp veð meti

slokking nf. 1. extinction; 2. heavy rain

sloinjda vw. 1. a long rigmarole; 2. a great deal, considerable portion; 3. multitude

slu nf. (ON slóð) 1. track made by footprints; 2. a spread layer; 3. a strip of arable land

sluga, sljuga vw. (ON slóka?) 1. to slip, hang to far down; 2. to slant gradually; 3. to lounge about; 4. to slink, steal

slui nm. (ON slóði) contrivance (basket weighted with a ground)

slumet adj. 1. slow, shy; 2. retiring; 3. suspicious-looking;4. sly, cunning; 5. lean and poor

slumin adj. 1. having sloping shoulders; 2. sneaking; 3. slimy; 4. difficultto get hold of

slunket adj. lank, empty, flabby

sluta vw. to incline, slant; grunden er slutað fyri hulenon

slå vs. to strike, kick (horse, mare)

smakka vw. to taste; at smakka uppå e-t

smal adj. narrow, thin, slender; ikke dað smalasta not the least

smali adj. slender and fragile

sme vw. (ON smeygja) 1. to ingratiate oneself; 2. to sneak about

smed adj. cunning, unreliable

smi nn. small things, a collection of such; a lock o' s. (heap of small potatoes)

smið nf. (ON smiðja) smithy

smid, smig nn. 1. a furtive smile; 2.smirk; 3. mocking smile

smida vw. to smile furtively or mockingly, smirk

smiket adj. half-drunk (person)

smitt nf. (ON smitta) infection

smitt adj. infectious; smitt sott

smitta vw. to infect; smittin

smjongni nm. (ON hinn smeygni) eel T

smjuga vs. 1. to slip (burt/å/av); 2. to hide away; 3. to steal away; at smjuga seg av/burt

smoga nf. 1. a narrow passage; 2. a small sheepfold

smoiljta nf. dense stifling smoke (inside)

smoiljta vw. to melt (in the mouth)

smoitti nm. woolen night-cup

smoitti adj. very small; piri smoitti diminutive

smornalta nf. a small lump of butter

smuti adj. 1. hidden, secret; 2. cunning

smu adj. (ON smár) small, far too small or short

smyrr, smorr nn. (ON smjör, smoerr) butter; krump og smortek buttered cheese-cake

smøra vw. 1.  to smear; 2. to grease; at smøra jogen to smear the eyes with a miraclous ointment giving the power of seeing hidden things (fairy tales)

småli adv. slowly, piece by piece, by degrees; so lunka vi so småli so we trudge slowly on (Swed. Så lunka vi så småningom)

småra nf. a (white) clover

snagg nm. 1. wooden pin or bolt; 2. projecting point; 3. metaph. obstacle

snapp nm. (ON hnappr) small heap of sheaves of corn

snapp nm. (ON knappr) knob, round top

snapp adj. (ON knappr) short in speach, answering in few evasive words

snara vw. 1. to twist; 2. to turn about rapidly or quickly

sne vw. (ON sneiða, sníða) to cut; he snid his finger; at sne av

snegga vw. (ON hneggja) 1. to neigh, whinny (horse); 2. to snigger

snell, snill adj. 1. pure, clean (esp. white); 2. keen and biting (cold);, shrill, piercing

snell, snill adv. hastily

sneppa vw. (ON hneppa, kneppa) 1. to tie, clench; 2. to span, reach (round, over); at sneppa hanjdenar; at sneppa mesan

snevra vw. 1. to poke nose into, be bent upon getting something; 2. to ingratiate oneself

sni nn. 1. a cut; 2. correct mode or usage

snibba vw. 1. to snipp off, cut right off; 2. to cut hair too close

snibbet adj. stumpy, too short

snika vs. (ON sníkja) 1. to sneak; 2. to sponge on, continue aksing for something:

at snika uppå e-n to sponge upon one, esp. for food

snikka vw. to cut out, chip

snikkel nm. wooden hook

snikla vw. to cut (with a single cut)

snild nf. 1. correct behaviour, tact, courtesy; 2. ingenuity; 3. shrewdness, innate sense; hannj havdi ikke so mukla snild, at... he had not so much innate sense, that...

snit nn. 1. a morsel or piece of bread; 2. child with a good appetite; 3. cusk

snita vw. (ON snæða, Swd. snäjta) 1. to eat (with small appetite); 2. to poke or root in the food or fodder

snittra vw. to contract, wrinkle (the nose in snappishness)

snjag nn. 1. (animal's) sniffing; 2. appetite (neg.); 3. snack, light meal

snjaga vw. (ON snaka) to sniff at the fodder without eating for the lack of appetite

snjaga vw. (ON gnaga) 1. to nag, grumble; 2. to taunt

snjalder nn. loud yelping, barking

snjaldra vw. to yelp, bark (of a dog)

snjuful nm. (ON snjófugl) snow-bird

snjug nf. (ON knjúkr, Icel. hnjúkr) 1. a mountain top; 2. projecting height; 3. slope of a hill-top; 4. crag

snjug nn. 1. offence;2. insult; 3. aversion (at)

snjuga vw. to get ready for attack (esp. cows)

snjuger nm. 1. disagreeable odour; 2. ill-smelling vapour or smoke

snjukavi nm. heavy snow-storm, dense spoondrift

snjuket adj. malicious and cunning

snjørga vw. 1. to grumble; 2. to complain constantly

snjårga, snjarga vw. (ON *knarka) 1. to nar, grumble; 2. to scold

snogg adj. 1. smooth, short-haired; 2. scanty, short; 3. stingy, niggardly

snogga vw. to make tidy and neat;at snogga upp husið

snoggin ??? derisive term in addressing or mentioning a person

snoljk nn. a lump between the eyebrows; at seta snoljk to brown, be angry [offended]; hannj havdi snoljk å sjer he was angry [offended, fretful]

snoljket adj. 1. turning up the nose; 2. hurt; 3. offended; 4. sulky

snora, snura vw. (ON snoðra) to have a bad cold

snort, snork nn. rheum

snoska vw. 1. to sniff; 2. to be displeased and peevish

snoittel nm. (ON knútr) a lump between the eyebrows

snoittla vw. to frown, make a lump between the eyebrows

snott nm. (ON knöttr, hnöttr) a wooden button, small wooden pin

snutt nm. (ON knútr) slip-knot (fish.)

snygg nf. (Swd. snugga) bite, snack, light meal

snypret adj. contracted, pinched

snyps adj. short, brusque

snyta vw. (ON snýta) 1. to blow the nose; 2. to snuff a candle

snødi adj. 1. agile, dexterous; 2. smart, active; 3. sly; 4. offended; 5. touchy

snødli adv. (ON snúðliga) hurriedly, suddenly

snålda nf. a high, narrow, detached rock

sob nn.(ONsaup) buttermilk

soba vw. 1. to sleep lightly; 2. to doze, rest

sodden adj. 1. boiled; 2. sodden

sodiskrøvedek nm. (ON sauðskró-) a stone fence built out from a sheepfold

sogga nf. 1. sow;2. a fat animal or fish

soggi nm. sucking-disk of a testaceous animal

soina vw. (ON sýna; past soindi) 1. to see, look at; 2. to peep; 3. to like, 4. to take pleasure in; hannj soinded um sog; eg soindi dað I've caught a sign of it; at soina landið; at soina legviseren (compass); eg soindi hannj ikke; de soindi hannj ikke mukkið vel they didn't care well for him

soinjd nf. (ON sjón [sýn], sjónd [sýnd]) 1. a sight, view; 2. pleasure, good will; landið fer ut av soinjd(eni); at koma i soinjd.; eg hevi ikke soinjd fyri honon; 3. legal investigation by thingmen < inspection of property

soinjda vw. 1. to see, look at; 2. to like

soinjdelek, *soinjdek nm. eye, prop. a small eye

soinjdis adj. that which is lucky to see or meet

Soinjdla nf. a woman with a poor eyesight < who strains her eyes to see

sokk nm. sock, stockings

sola vw. to sole: tread on the earth = recover after illness; hann/hun myn aldri s. jard atter

solji adj. warm and damp (waether)

soljtadikk nm. a kind of medicinal drink, given to an animal

sommer nn. summer

sommermål nn. beginning of the summer, 14 April

sommisa vw. to confise, overwhelm, render speechless

son nm. son

song nm. 1. a song; 2. favourite topic, hobby; dað hever varið min song i tvø år I've talked about it constantly for 2 years

songi nm. 1. hermaphrodite;2. non-prolific male

sonnj nn. (Gael. sorn) kiln, esp. at the end of a barn

sorar (ON saurr) scaly pieces of skin when it's plicked off the sheep

sorna vw. to become a firm mass, form a crustation on the bottom of a pot

sostring nm. (ON systrungr) a relative, esp. in pl.

sotskin 1. brother(s) and sister(s), 1st cousins; 2. a near relative; 3. members of the same church: sotskin i kirkeni

sott nf. sickness

sova vs. 1. to sleep; 2. to sink into a stupor, swoon

spadi nm. an old worn-out spade

spann nn. 1. a water-pail;2. form. measure for dry goods (= Ork. lispund); 3. a measure with the hand, span

spanna vw. to measure with the hand

spe nm. (ON at speja, v.) 1. a scout, spy; 2. an inquisitive, prying person

spe, spje nn. 1. derision;2. fool

sperra vw. 1. to sprain, exert muscular force;2. to stride; at sperra å to hasten, set off (at full speed)

speviti nn. a person who is an object of derision

spi vw. (Dan.dial. spi) to make fool of, to mock

spila vw. (ON spila, Fær. spíla) to stretch out

spilla vw. (past spilti) 1. to spill; 2. to slacken

spilt adj. leprous

spirda vw. 1. to kick; 2. to stride, take great leaps in running

spjala vw. to sprawl, struggle

spjaler nm. cat,occ. dog T < sprawler, player

spje nn. 1. a scorn, disparaging talk of a person; 2. fool

spjel(l)a vw. to thrust out arms and legs

spjelmann nm. (Dan. spillemand) a fiddler, violin-player

spjeskab nm. a person exposing himself to derision

spjetak nn. 1. a fool;2. spectacle, absurd, foolish person

spong nf. a metal plate or band

spord nm. 1. a tail;2. the top of a fish-hook; 3. edge of something

sprag nn. strutting, gesticulation in one's walk

spraga vw. 1. to stretch out the legs; 2. to sprawl; 3. to spread, extend; 4. to strut, swagger

spretta vw. 1. to rip up; 2. to loosen; 3. to become loosened, come undone (seams in clothes)

spretta, spritta vw. 1. to leap, jump, run lightly; 2. to sprout, grow; at spretta um

spri nn. a spray

spri vw. to spray; vatnið spriddi øver mog

springa vw. 1. to burst, cause to break; 2. to cause injury

springa vs. to burst, break

språn nn. ejected liquid, esp. excrement

språna vw. to eject liquid, esp. liquid excrement (birds)

spunda vw. to run fast, gallop

spundikrabb nm. (ON -krabbi) a heart-shaped crab < spoon-crab

spun nm. (ON spónn) spoon

spyt nf. (ON spýta) a tod, spit

spøra vw. 1. to ask, consult; 2. to ask a young girl's hand of her parents; evasive reply when one does not wish to answer: hvarna fer du i mynni? Spør!

spørner (ON spurn + L.Sc. speirins) information, news; at få spørner av e-on [til e-s] to get news about one

spå vw. 1. to forebode, foretell; 2. to have intercourse with a girl before marriage

spånga vw. 1. to put a metal plate or band on something; 2. to rivet

sta nm. (ON staðr) domicile, farm, now only as a place-name

stab nm. (ON stapi) an insulated rock or hill, sea-rock

stabb nm. (ON stabbi) 1. a stub, block of wood to sit on; 2. a small bank, elevation; 3. a grassy clod

staga vw. to stagger

stak nm. (ON staki) a wooden stake

stakk nm. a high rock in the sea

stakka vw. to build up in stacks

stamron, -reng? nf. (ON stafnröng) a knee-timber in the stem of a boat; -reng, ring

stand nn. 1. erect or vertical position; 2. set, number of objects

standa vs. 1. to stand; 2. to last; ita veder myn ikke standa långt; 3. to take place, be held; 4. to be decided; 5. to be constituted; 6. to head; imper.

ståitt vw. stand still!

standa at sjer to move (aside) a little

standa efter 1. to remain, be left behind; 2. to aspire for; 3. to strive for

standa fyri 1. to manage, have a charge of; 2. to stand for, balance; 3. to make a strong impression; dað stuð fyri mjer it made a great impression upon me

standa i 1. to be occupied with something; 2. to be engaged in something

standa til 1. to give expectation of; 2. to be entitled to something; 3. to depend on

standa veð 1. to stick fast; 2. to keep one's point of view; 3. to admit, acknowledge; 4. to wait, stand waiting; 5. to hesitate, have a misgiving; dað stendur veð dað røða or hvita red or white is the main colour; 6. to feel a strong disgust to something; 7. to approach nearly; hannj stender veð skuri i nordvesti there's a shower is threatening from north-west;  

standa å 1. to head, steer, make a good headway; 2. to be contrary; 3. to stand firm, insist; 4. to persevere; 5. to be very exhausting; 6. to be imperative, necessary; 7. depend on

stanga vw. 1. to sting; 2. to ache, sting (pain)

stansa vw. 1. to stop, stand still; 2. to stop, cease

star nn. cataract (disease of the eye)

stara vw. (past stardi) to stare, gaze

staragoit nn. a poor, lean cod

stark adj. 1. strong, vigorous; 2. clever

stav nm. 1. a staff, stick; 2. a streak of light from the sun; stavar ned frå suleni;at fallja [gånga] i stava øver e-u 1. to fall into pieces; 2. become confused, speechless; dað lagdi mog i stava - it made me quite confused [speechless];

stavalu nf. quivering motion in the atmosphere due to heated ground

stedi nm. anvil

stedja vw. (ON steðja) 1. to lay the foundation; 2. to gather in a dense flock or shoal

stedet adj. stationary

stemnbod nn. (ON stefnuboð) fiery-cross

sten nm. 1. a stone; 2. rock, large stone; 3. sea-rocks; 4. sinker of a fishing line; dað er ikke sillek or piltek i sjunon

stenbiter nm. wolf-fish

stenblind adj. stone-blind

steng nf. mast T < pole; see stong

stenga vw. (ON stanga) 1. to sew together, stitch; 2. to plait

stengl, stingl nn. a (high) boot, water-proof boot

stengla, stingla vw. (Nor. stangla, stingla) 1. to close, shut up (door); 2. to shut up (grice)

sterna nf. 1. star; 2. blaze on the forehead of an animal; Sterna name of a cow with a star on the forehead

sterti nm. tail of a large fish (esp. halibut)

stett nf. a steep path with small ledges

stev nn. refrain (in an old song)

stid, stið nf. (ON staða, stǫð + L.Sc. steed) 1. foundation, basis; 2. a place where a boat is drawn along or to the shed; 3. shoal

stidna vw. (ON staðna) to stand fast, get foothold; at stidna veð to stop, stand still, get caught

stig(g), stiggi nm. (ON stígr) a path, neck of land connecting a small piece with a large one

stig nn. (ON stig) a (visible) mark, track

stiggi nm. (ON stigi) 1. stile;2. steps leading over a fence; 3. a small ledge; 4. metaph. stand, stopping

stikka vw. to (construct a) dam (across a stream)

stilli nn. enclosure, (sheep)fold

stiltra vw. to stand still, stop, halt

stinga vs. 1. to slaughter, kill by sticking; 2. to insert, put into

stinta vw. to live in extreme economy, barely to support life

stirna vw. (ON stirðna) to become stiff

stiva vw. to steady; at stiva båten to keep the boat steady on a straight course

stiv adj. stiff, firm; steady; at gånga stiv to be having a rigid bearing

stivaler, stavaler (ON styfill) (sea-)boot, T boot

stivla nf. dam, milldam

stivli adj. 1. strong, durable; 2. of good, fundamental quality

stivna vw. 1. to stiffen, become stiff or rigid; 2. to make stiff; stivnandi met too heavy meal

stjag nn. 1.  a pen (for geese); 2. assembled crowd (of children)

stjaga vw. (ON staka) to stagger < to push

stjaga vw. (ON stía, *stíga) to pen (esp. geese); at stjaga gåsenar but at bøla sodena

stjagi nm. 1. a rod; 2. fence

stjura vw. (Dan. styr, Sw. störa) 1. to stir, turn upside down; 2. to search for a thing in disorderly manner; at stjura um e-t (through)

stjurla vw. (ON sturla) 1. to stir, rummage; 2. to turn upside down in searching

stjurma vw. (ON styrma?) to rake up, rummage

stjøda vw. (ON steyta) to walk indolently, trudge

stjårt nm. the tail of a large fish T

stobb adv. (Dan. rub og stub, L.Sc. stoup and roup): stobb og robb completely

stodig adj. (ON stǫðugr) 1. steady, (standing) firm; 2. stationary, motionless; stodigt veder settled weather (No. stödugt veder, Fær. stöðuveður)

stodja vw. (On styðja, also steðja, stöðva) 1. to begin to walk; 2. to carry a burden; 3. to build up loosely

stokk nm. 1. piece of timber, log; 2. standard (in the old spinning wheel)

stokkstov nf. (Fær. stokkastova) 1. log-room/house; 2. house with timber frameworks

stokkstovavw. to build up the frameworks

stol, stul, støl nm. chair

stol nn. (Gæl. sgeul??) saga, legend

stoljka nf. (ON stúlka) a young girl, esp. as a pet name

stomna, stimna nf. (ON stofn) 1. strength, ability; 2. essential quality in somebody or something

stonjd nf. (ON stund) certain length of time, moment

stong nf. mast of a boat T

stonga vw. to set a mast in a boat; at stonga båten

stonra, stunra vw. to support, prop up; at stonra (upp) kessa, båt

storkna vw. (ON storkna) to coagulate, become thick (of liquid)

storr nm. (ON styr) stir, disturbance

storra vw. to make a stir

storta vw. to set in motion, push, shake, exert

stoittek nm. 1. a short stout person; 2. small stack

straks adv. (L.Germ ) at once

stranjd nf. sea-shore, coast

stred nn. (ON stræti) streat, passage

strekka vw. (Nor. strekkja) to stretch

strind nf. 1. edge;2. streak; 3. vein, dispisition, temper; dað er illj strind å honon 1. he has a bad temper; 2. there is something wrong with him

strinka vw. to heed, notice, mind; hannj strinkaði aldri 1. he never minded; 2. it made no effect on him

strogg nn. (Nor. strok) 1. dilemma, difficulty; 2. difficult laborous work; 3. a moving croud of people

strogga vw. (ON strjúka + Nor. strok) to struggle through a piece of work

strom nm. (ON straumr) stream, current

strud nn. (ON skrúð) suit or outfit of new clothes < *skrud

strø vw. (ON streyja) to drop, strew (esp. in raping the corn)

strødiment nn. great hurry and agitation

stubb nm. (ON stubbr, stubbi) stub, stump

stuggisomadj. loathsome, repulsive, disgusting

stuk nf. (ON stúka) a piece of churchland

stuka nf. (ON stúka) 1. jacket; 2. fence

stukki nn. 1. stub, block of wood; 2. half-grown cod

stumpi nm. 1. churn; 2. bottle (Edm.)

stums nn. 1. perplexity; 2. speechlessness; 3. musing; 4. intense pondering; 5. hesitation

stumsa vw. 1. to be perplexed, speechless (from surprise); 2. to be silent, stop speaking; 3. to muse, ponder; 4. to hesitate; 5. to consider; 6. to confuse

stund nf. a while, moment; ill stund til hans!

stupa vw. (ON stúpa) to fall forward; hun stupaði i elden

stur adj. (ON stórr) 1. big; 2. tall

stura vw. (ON stúra) 1. to be sad, sit dejected; 2. to doze (with stooped head); 3. to gaze in absent-minded manner

stuts nn. show, ostentation; hannj hever stuts veð sjer

stutset adj. 1. abrupt; sulky; 2. unwilling

stygg nf. (ON styggð, Nor. stygg) loathing, disgust; at få stygg at e-u

stygga vw. 1. to disgust, nauseate; 2. to feel loathing;

stykki nn. point of a cape, holm; anarticle of dress

styver nn. strength, durability

styving nm. 1. a half-grown coalfish (piltek - 3 or 4 years old); 2. a child, boy (endearment); 3. stocking T

stø nn?. wind T; cf. ongastø contrary wind

støb nn. 1. a place of road trampled by animals; 2. drinking-vessel (glas?)

støbadorro nf. (ON *steypidorg) 1. short hand-line (inshore fishing); 2. sinker on a short line

støda vw. (ON styðja) to steady, support (by staying)

støl nm. (ON stöðull) 1. resting-place for cattle; 2. milking-place; 3. dairy land; 4. enclosure

støra vw. (ON stýra) to steer a boat

støri nm. (ON staurr) one of the thick bands

stå vs. (Dan. stå) to stand; only in the phrase: hannj hverki står or går

ståbi nn. (Dan. stå bi, bi-stå) 1. resource; 2. refuge; 3. a person who can de depended on

stånjd nn. standing or upright position

stånga vw. to stitch, sew

stånga vw. to fill, stuff < prick, goad

stånger vw. sting-ray

stånka vw. 1. to breathe heavily; 2. to sigh deeply; 3. to complain; carry a burden

su nf. (ON sýr, acc. sú) 1. sow;2. wrasse; 3. large mussel

sud nn., adv. 1. south; 2. in the south, southwards

sudin nn. southern part; nordin

suk nn. 1. sucking, suction; 2. draught of wind; suk inn under kava dry wind preceding snowfall; suk upp inn under under-current going against the wind; 3. small marine creatures; dað er goitt suk å linonon

suka vw. 1. to suck; 2. to blow through, to dry (wind)

sukka vs. to sink; pp. sukken sunk

sukkraborð nm. sweet little child, darling

sukn nf. 1. drag;2. a big iron hook; 3. a large gathering of creatures; occasionally of people: kirkasukn(i)

sul nf. the sun

sula nf. (ON súla) a cleft wooden implement

sulbrigða nf. basking shark

sulbørð nn. (ON sólborð, sólbyrði) a board in a boat's side

sulpa vw. to put out of order, ravel

sulpatjen nm.def. (ON sjópiltr) sea-demon, water-nixie

sulsittandi adj. not fresh, too much exposed to the sun

sulta nf. salt liquid kneaded from butter

sum nn. 1. swimming; 2. inundation; 3. air-bladder; jarden er i sumi the earth is quite flooded with water

suma vw. to swim, float

sund nn. air-bladder in fish, sound

sund nn. 1. a narow sound; 2. inlet, narrow bay

supa vw. to sweep

sur adj. 1. sour; 2. in the first stage of decomposition

surna vw. turn sour; 2. tomake sour

suselmann nm. (ON sýslumaðr) estate-agent

svager nm. 1. brother-in-law; 2. swagers, men married to sisters (Edm.)

svagja vw. (ON svelgja?) 1. to swallow; 2. to gorge oneself; 3. to digest

svak nn. shaking

svaki adj. shaking, tottering, undteady

sval nn. slight motion in the sea

sval, svar nn. the dimmest part of midsummer night

svalta vw. 1. to hunger, starve; 2. to suffer from thirst

svamm nm. (ON hvammr) depression, round hollow

svapa vw. to wrap up

svar adj. (ON svarr) heavy, stoutly-built (boat)

svara nf. 1. thick, soft worsted; 2. thick woollen underclothing

svarf nn. small shallow bay, head of a bay

svarma vw. to swing, turn (pot half way round over a fire); to s. de kettle; to s. upo de kettle

svart adj. 1. black; 2. misplaced

svarta nf. blackness, something dark and black, esp. extinguished fire

svartatið nf. 1. evil time or hour (oath); 2. in an evil hour; svartatið fylgi [lui] djer! bad luck to you!

svartbak nn. black-backed gull

svarva vw. to turn hay on the field

svarva vw. 1. to turn, swing; 2. to pull off; 3. to eat greedily; 4. to perform work carelessly

svel nf. (ON svæla) thick smoke (rare)

svela vw. (ON svæla) to belch forth (of smoke)

svela vw. (ON skvæla?) to cry loudly

svelt nm. lean poor fish (cod)

svelta vw. (ON svelgja) to swallow greedily; at svelta inn

svelting nm. a starved creature

svenga vw. to become hungry

svi vs. (ON svíða) 1. to singe, scorch; 2. to sting, smart; 3. to suffer; 4. to keep close to the fire; pp. svidden

svi nm. (ON sviði) 1. a smarting or stinging pain; 2. something that stings, esp. a strong drink; svi i monnjenon

svifta vw. (ON svipta) to reef a (boat's) sail

sviga vw. 1. to ooze; 2. to let liquid ooze or leak out; at sviga ut vatnið

sviga vw. to give way under pressure

svim nn. (ON svimi ‘swoon, unconciousness’) (giddiness) indisposition

sviml, swumbl, hwuml nf. (ON sveifla) eddy, swirl, place where two branches meet

svimmer nn. swoon; svimmer kom øver mog

svimmra vw. 1. to swoon; 2. to become giddy

svin nn. swine, pig

svipta vw. (past svipti) 1. to snatch; 2. to pull; 3. to remove quickly; svipte av djer! (clothes)

svird nn. small longish object

svird nm. 1. grassy piece of ground, greensward; 2. poor soil

svirta vw. 1. to snatch; 2. to pull; 3. to remove quickly

svisterkaster, hvisterkaster nm. thrashing, defeat, fall (in a contest, esp. wrestling)

svivl nn. 1.whirlwind; 2. gust of wind

svivla vw. to swing round, whirl

svumra vw. 1. to keep balance with difficulty;2. to swim or float heavily; svumrandi fullj 1. full to the top; 2. heavily laden, just floating

synamor(s)met nm. (ON *sonarmóðursmatr) food given to a woman after a birth

synjd nf. 1. a sin; 2. injury, harm; 3. something to be regretted; at tinka synjd fyri [um] e-n to think that one has to be pitied

syndra vw. to sunder, separate, disperse

syndog exclam. (ON synd og dauði ('sin and death')?), esp. in swearing; = dorgan doga!

søga, søgi nf. (ON sýki, Fær. sjúka) 1. epidemic; 2. severe cold, illness caused by cold

søka vw. (ON sœkja; past. søkti) to trouble, overwhelm; søkandi exhausting, heavy

søl nf. (ON sœla, sœli) intense heat of the sun

sølfeng nn. (ON suflfang 'store of meat') butter T

sør adv. 1. south; 2. in or towards the south

søt adj. sweet, dear

søtskin [søtshkin] 1. brothers and sisters; 2. first cousins, near relatives

vs. to see, look; såndi part. pres./adj. worth seeing, splendid

efter to look after (sjá eptir)

til 1. to see to; 2. to look at [listen to]

vs. (ON sá) 1. to spit or throw out half-boiled; 2. to sow; spread

såd nf. 1. rock on the sea-shore; 2. "rocky seat"

såda nf. (ON sáta ‘heystack’) a big stout woman

sådi nn. (ON sæti) 1. seat; 2. a big piece of sod or turf; 3. a big peat

sålja [soλa] nf. (ON sæla, forsæla) a brilliant transient sunshine

sånfiddel interj. (ON sann-) slight oath: upon my words

sångra vw. to begin to boil, rise up, seethe at edges

sånkra vw. to boil slightly

sår adj. (ON sárr) sore, that feels pain sick and sare

såta vw. to drive (cattle) slowly

såva vw. (ON svæfa; past såvdi) 1. to stun (with a blow); 2. to injure

såvd adj.1. stunned, senseless, unconscious; 2. exhausted and sleepy


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