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taggoda nf. inner lower gable-edge of a house

tahellja nf. (ON þakhella) flat stone

tak nn. 1. grip, pull, push; 2. taking up, catch (fish)

taka vs. 1. to take; 2. to fetch or catch fish; 3. to reach, hand; 4. to take effect; 5. to attack (also pain to fight (esp. animals)

taka at to pull up (boat); take at båtenon!; take at djer!

taka av to abate (of storm, wind)

taka efter to imitate, learn from others

taka frå 1. to take from; 2. to except

taka inn to take in, shorten an animal's tether

taka inn under 1. to take hold underneath (to lift); 2. to be obedient; take inn under!

taka til: teken til 1. much spoken of, known for something; 2. excellent, above others, clever; 3. pretty < favourably mentioned, famous for something?

taka sog til: 1. to begin with energy, resume; 2. to set to work eagerly; hannj tuk sog til; hannj teker ikke sog til vinnenar

taka upp to apprehend, understand; teken upp 1. having appearance of certain kind; 2. dressed in a certain way

taka upp efterer 1. to repeat one's words; 2. to imitate, follow one's example

taka upp frå sjer: to pull harder (oars); hannj tuk upp frå sjer; take upp frå djer veð di!

taka upp inn under to pay attention to, learn

taka upp veð 1. to take up with, take charge of; 2. to attach oneself to

taka uppå 1. to affect one; 2. sog: to take a burden on one's back

taka ut 1. to take out, select; 2. to point out

taka veð 1. to receive somebody or something; de vuru vel [ilt] veðteken they were well [ill] received; 2. to assist (in burden)

taka å 1. to take hold of; 2. to continue in certain manner; 3. to begin to blow = at taka (sog) upp (of wind)

tamminori, tomminori nm. puffin

tana (ON þenja) to stretch, extend

tang nn. (ON þang) seaweed

tannjek nm. tooth, esp. newly-grown in a child

tanngroinning nm. slender cod with sharp teeth

tant adj. (ON þandr?) too high and steep (house, roof, boat)

tanta vw. to refuse food (of cattle) < show teeth??

tantfelling nf. shedding of teeth (young animals)

tantfelling nm. a young animal, shedding its teeth

tantfysen(d), tantføst adj. 1. disinclined to take food; 2. fickle, wavering

tantjek nm. a newly grown tooth

taragrep nf. (ON þaragreip) dungfork < fork for gathering seaweed

tari nm. (ON þari) seaweed, tang

tartfysen adj. (ON tart-fýsinn) 1. particular, nice, affectedly reserved, selfwilled and shy; 2. having independentfancies

teja vw. (ON þegja) to be silent

teg nm. strip of field

tekk nf. (ON þekja) heather mingled with coarse grass (lobba)

tekka vw. (ON þekja; past takti) to thatch a house with dried heather or straw; at tekka hus

tekn nn. (ON teikn) 1. token, mark; 2. queer person

telja vw. 1. to count; 2. to tell; at telja frå 1. to tell, relate, repeat gossip; 2. to become evident, be establish

temba nf. prop. (ON þemba) tension; uppå tembu1. in a dangerous position on the very edge; 2. on the tiptoe of expectation; 3. on one's guard; a

t sita [standa] å tembu to wait anxiously; be on one's guard

teng, teing, tångi, tjångi nm. 1. tang of a knife; 2. a (low, narrow) tongue of land

tennjemav nn. (ON þernu-) species of small-gull

tepin (ON tæpr) scarce, occurring in very small quantities

tið nf. (ON tíð) 1. lucky time, short period of good fortune; 2. occas. good luck; 3. sudden fit; a t. is ta'en him - fortune skmiles upon him for once; he's got a fit of activity; of activity

tiðli adv. (ON tíðliga) early

tiðlig adj. 1. in time, opportune; 2. convenient; 3. lucky, indicating good luck, comely; 4. successful; 5. early; ikke tiðligt impracticable; ita er ikke tiðligt this is a bad sign; hannj er ikke tiðlig he's not pleasant to meet with

tigga vs. (ON þiggja) to receive alms, to beg, ask for

tik nn. 1. a bitch (also of a woman); 2. otter T; 3. a big animal

tiksa nf. dispute, quarrel

til prep. to, till; at vara til to exist, to be found; dað er ikke til there's nothing left

tila vw. (ON tila, tilja) to make headway (of a boat)

tilberdskatt nm. 1. small tax; 2. small share

tilfer nn. (ON þilfar) movable bottom boards

tilja, tillja nf. (ON þilja) movable board in the bottom of a boat

tillag nn. 1. taking hold pull; 2. supplement, addition

tillaga nf. 1. (adding) patching; 2. short time

tiltak nn. 1. taking hold, (good) start; 2. remedy, useful thing; 3. person much spoken of

tilvid nn. substitute

tilvik nn. helping hand

tinda nf. (ON þíðna 'to thaw') thawy snow

ting nn. 1. court, assize; 2. jurisdiction, district

tingvoll nm. place of assize

tinna vw. (ON tína) to pick, pluck

tinni nn. (ON *þilni?) a wooden partition wall in a house

tinsket adj. 1. offended;2. displeased; 3. peevish

tirma vw. to tremble, shake

titt nn. (ON tíðr, neu. títt 'that is happening; usual, frequent') news, tidings; hvat er dit titt? hvat titt er i dinon monnje? (Ísl. hvað segirðu títt?)

titta vw. to tell news

tittra vw. to shiver, esp. with cold

tivli adj. 1. strong, firm, durable; 2. of good fundamental quality < stivli?

tjo adv. (ON já?) certainly!

tjog nn. (ON tog) 1. draught, gulp (in drinking); hannj tuk goitt tjog (av mjølk, vatni); 2. a band tied round a cow's head

tjoga vw. (ON toga) 1. to draw, pull, haul; 2. to work eagerly without success; 3. to keep on asking; he tjoged at me - with repeated questions

tjoga, tjogga nf. species of sea-bird: guillemot; razorbill

tjogi, tjuggi nn. (ON *tygi, tog?) small rope, band

tjordin nn. (Dan. torden) thunder

tjub nn. the deep; see djub

tjug nn. (ON þjó) thigh

todseta vw. (ON *þotsetja < sitja í þót 'to be in dread of being attacked', þjóta á 'to attack one') to pursue, surround and catch an animal being attacked

toft nf. thwart, former site of a house

togemø nf. (ON þoku-mói/móði/móða?) 1. mist, thick haze; 2. a dense swarm of insects; sen togemø which gets on well (of a work)

toilkekast nn. (ON tiltœki?) 1. art of carrying out something; 2. odd behaviour

toitlig adj. comely, neat

tokkihå nm. small shark, smooth dogfish

tola vw. to endure, suffer

tolbit nf. (ON tilbót 'addition') 1. by-piece of anything; 2. extra meal; 3. a gift

tolem nn. (ON þolinmœði f.) patience; at hava tolem veð e-on

tolin adj. 1. patient, perservering; 2. steady and somewhat slow

Tolljegsmess nf.the day [eve] before the St. Thorlak's day (22. Dec.); Tolljegsdag - 23. Dec

Tomasmess, Tammasmess nf. St. Thomas day, 21. Dec; Tammasmess-apta - 20. Dec

torket adj. 1. constipated;2. dried up

torvkrø nf. small enclosure for the piling up of peats

torvsker nm. narrow spade, used in peat-cutting

trakk nn. (ON traðk) 1.tramping, stamping; 2. oath (esp. one trampled by cattle)

trakka vw. (ON traðka) to (tread) tramp, stamp; hvat du trakkar!

trang adj. 1. close-fitting, tight; 2. restricted, limited; 3. laborious, difficult

trapp nn. (ON þrep) 1. ledge, step; 2. ladder

tre nn. 1. wooden materials; 2. mast

treksa vw. (Dan. trække + Nor. dragsa) 1. to trail something behind; 2. to drag oneself along; 3. to set out (jockingly)  

trel nm. person who executes menial or durty work

trelfangi nm. (ON þrælfangi) odd-looking, undersized person < thrall-prisoner

trenel nm. wooden nail

trett adv., interj. (ON þrátt) well! < to return to the subject, as we were saying

tretti num. thirty

trettin num. thirteen

trettind num. thirteenth; trettind dag 13th day after Christmass, Epiphany

trid num. the third; trids o' kyn relatives in the 3d generation

tridjek nm. the third landmark which is brought in line with teo other marks; tvar komu upp til tridjeken

trift nf. 1. activity, enterprise; 2. manufacture of wool

trifter nm. capable worker with wool

trink adj. narrow (cleft, fissure); a t. gjo

trista vw. 1. to press, squeeze; 2. to wring, twist; 3. fig. to pinch, gripe

tritla vw. to trip, step lightly

triva vs. to catch hold; triv(e) i! catch hold!

trivl nm. (ON trefill) rag, tatter

trod nn. (ON troð) 1. trail, track; 2. remains of a carcass

troga vw. (ON þráka) to have a great desire for, strive for

troitt adv. and interj. (ON þrátt) used to intensify a statement or exclamation, especially negatively: na, troitt, ser krabbi no, certainly not, says the crab

troitti nm. (ON þróttr ‘strength’): pikka inn i troittan! keep up! get along!

trokka vw. (ON þráka, *þrákka) to desire, long for

trokkin nf. (ON þrákkan) desire, longing

trollj nn. (ON tröll) troll

trolljamist nm. very thick, dense mist = trolljet mist

trolljamog nm. (ON -mögr) insignificant little person

trolljanåitt nf.the night before Christmass-eve = trolljavitanåitt

trolljaskod nn. 1. person bewitched by trolls; 2. a witch-like woman

trolljamann nm. wizard, sorcerer; trolljamann, trolljamann, tak vara! troll-man, beware!

trolljhåitted adj. troll-like, like a troll in gait and behaviour

trollkålling nf. (ON tröllkerling) hermaphrodite: non-prolific animal, esp. a sheep

trolljslaget adj. queer, bad-looking

trolset adj. careless, slovenly

trolsket adj. 1. indisposed; unwell; 2. drowsy; 3. displeased; 4. peevish; 5. offended

trotska nf. (ON þrjózka) 1. obstinacy;2. bad temper, peevishness; hannj kastaðist upp i trotsku he became peevish

trotska vw. (ON þrjózkask) 1. to be obstinate, unwilling to do what one is told; 2. to sulk, be peevish

tru nf. (ON þró) a small oblong wooden box for fish-bait; = kilpek?

tru nf. faith, trust

tru vw. to believe in somebody or something; trudu mjer! trur du di?

trubelt nn. (ON trufla?) rubbish

truna vw. (ON þrána, þrö'na) to have a great desire (for animals)

trusti adj. substantial, firm and close, lasting well                    

trøba nf. (ON úthreppa?) 1. small piece of land not included in the division; 2. surplus of seaweed

trøg adj. (ON þrekr) rude, coarse                               

trøni nn. (ON trýni) muzzle, snout

trå nf. (ON þrá) 1. desire, great longing;at hava trå efter e-u; dað var mukkel trå å honon; 2. a place where profit may be expected; båten er faren uppå (ena) adra trå

trå vw. 1. to have a great desire for; 2. long for; kuen trår efter henni! (kål);

tråð nm. (ON þráðr) thread

tråitt adv., interj. (ON þrátt) certainly not, to intensify a statement or exclamation

tråittfallj interj. upon my word!

tu nn. (ON tó) wool, worsted, coarse wool, thick worsted

tudelep nm. (ON *tǫðulaupr) closely-plaited basket, bödi or small kessi

tufi nf. (ON tófi + Eng. dial. tuff) 1. a large long tuft or tassel of hair or grass; 2. head of hair

tu(g) nf. (ON þúfa) mound

tum nm. (ON þumi) 1. thumb;2. glandulous lump adhering to the liver

tun nn. 1. a homefield belonging to a farm; 2. a farm-house with the home-field

tunga nf. 1.tongue; 2. tongue-shaped cake

tungefallj nn. a palsy of the tongue

tungekramp, -krapp nm.disease (cramp, palsy) of the tongue = tungefallj

tungesøtt nf. (ON tungusótt) = tungefall and tungekramp

tunkel (ON tálkn) 1. the gills of fish; 2. gill-arches

tunki nm. 1. (thought for) desire, inclination; 2. favour, kind disposition

tunvel, tunmel nm. piece of pasture near the house

turkasott nf. disease in cattle, drying the skin

tussi nm. (ON þurs) wry-mouthed animal; see also trussibelt

tutsom adj. 1. sensitive;2. easily offended

tvar adj. (ON þvar) placed crosswise, running athwart

tvargård nm. old fence, remains

tvart adv., tvart en (ON um þvert): across, opposite, contrary to common sense; = tvart fyri; see dwars

twartra (L.Sc. thwarter) to oppose, thwart

tvispora vw. (ON tví + L.Sc. twa) 1. to run at full speed, gallop; 2. to hasten; at gånga tvisporandi

tveitla vw. (ON *þvætla) to wet, soil

tvit interj. (ON tví) fie! tvit se djer! fie upon you! (ON tví sé þér); tviti var(g)i djer! (ON tvítt ver(ð)i þér!)

tvivl nn. 1. twisting, tangle; 2. disagreeable position; 3. irresulotion, uncertainty

tvo interj. shout by which horses and esp. cows are driven away

ty nf. (Nor. tya) strong and healthy constitution, thriving state

tynder, tand nn. spark, small piece of red peat for kindling a fire

tynna, tynnja vw. (ON þynna) to disperse, clear, lift (of clouds, mist)

tyrel nm. (ON þyrill) the trundle of a water-mill

tyrl nn. 1. whorling round, rotation; 2. excited state of mind

tyrla vw. to whirl round, turn; at tyrla øver

tyser nm. (ON þysja?) strong, capable and energetic person="heeler"

tyvla nf. (Nor. tovla, tavla) dorsal vertebra; eg kenni vara tivlu hans ryggsI know him through and through = eg kenni varn lid [lið] hans ryggs

nn. (ON tó + Eng. toe?) fleece, thin soft wool

tøa nf. (ON taða) old, long and withered grass

tød nm. (ON þytr) slight gust of wind

tøl nn. tool

tøm adj. (ON tómr) empty

tøma vw. to empty; pour down; at tøma ned

tøvakoddi nm.(ON þœf (þœfðar)-koddi) rounded rock by the sea-shore

tøvd nf. (ON þœfð) foolish talk, nonsense

nf. small, low point or tongue of land

tåitt nm. (ON þáttr) tuft, lock of hair

tångi nm. tongue of land, point


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