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ub nn. (ON óp) plainitive sound, howl

uba vw. to emit plainitive sounds, howl, moan

ubadalig, ubjadalig adj. (ON úbataligr) 1. incapable, weakly; 2. useless

ubregð nn. additional earmark

udal nn. (ON óðal) allodial, immovable property

udalborenadj. odal-born

udalland nn. old allodial property

udalmann nm. tenant of udal property, udaller

udalred nm. (ON óðalréttr; hardly óðalræði) allodial right, right to freehold tenure

udømilig adj. 1. unexampled, extraordinary; 2. dreadful

uðvilt adj. (ON óðvilltr) wild and frolicsome, unruly; du is turned u.

ufiskalig adj. 1. unsuitable or unlucky for fishing; 2. that does not become a fisherman, heedle, inattentive

ufjomlettadj. ill-shapen, ungraceful

ufsahellja nf. (ON upsarhella) flat, stoping stone

ugga vw. to satisfy (esp. with food)

ugjåv adj. (ON úgæfr) incapable, weakly, useless = ubjadalig

uhagali adj. 1. untidy; awkward, clumsy; 2. immoderate; 3. uneconomical

ukjodadj. incapable, weakly, useless

ukonn adj. unknown, strange

ula vw. 1. to spoil one's appearance; 2. to bully; 3. to worry; 4. to persecute; (ON: ef maðr sker hár af höfðe manne eða úlar honum nökkur til háðungar eða rífr hann klæði af honum)

ula vw. (ON úla, ýla) to cry, wail, bleat, weep loudly (children)

ulet nn. (ON úlæti) 1. a peevish person; 2. a quiet, gentle and lonely person

ulid nf. (ON úhlít) 1. unreliability;2. unreliable person

ulltigger nm. beggar of wool; ull- is obscure, see ollja- instead

umbodsmann nm. factor, steward

umgeng, umgong n. 1. border; 2. band.

umgenger nm. (ON genger um) vagrant

umgongen adj. running round (of weather): umgongen wind 

umkast nn. change, alternation

umond nf. slight feeling, sensation

umåitt nm. (ON úmáttr 'swoon, faintness'): ilt umåitt se i dinon hanjdon! a plague upon you!

umål nm. silence; at halda e-t i umåli to keep anything secret [one´s mouth shut on a subject]

un nn. small piece of field or meadow

undalig adj. (ON undarligr) strange, queer

under prep. under; under land near the land; at gånga under 1. to dive; 2. to subject oneself to one

underdrag nn. undercurrent; = -gjud, -hwigg, -shot, -suk

underland nn. land situated at the foot of a mountain or below a promontory or high coast

undermannnm. subordinate

ungadreng nm. young unmarried man

upp adv. (ON upp) up; at blåsa upp to begin to blow, increase; at vara upp (veð fiski) to be finished

upp å, uppå : at høra uppå to listen to; at tinka uppå to think upon;at vara uppå hennji to be out fishing

upp at up towards the north, northerly (wind); vinden er faren upp at

upp øver adj. impetuous, too pressing and eager

upp veð northerly or westerly, veering from south to west or north

uppadågað adj. (ON uppidagaðr) 1. very uneasy in mind, anxious; 2. unwell; 3. unsuccessful; 4. early to work; at vara uppadågað um e-t 1. to be on the lookout for something (to see one);2. to be bent on something

uppastju nn. (ON stú + Nor. uppstyr) great disorder, confusion

uppatil, opantil adv. put aside secretly

uppbrak nn. (ON uppbragð?) fear, anxiety; at tinka uppbrak to be afraid that some misfortune may have happened to one

uppdrag nn. apprehension, understanding

uppdraga vs. 1. to overtake, come up with; 2. understand

uppdraget adj. educated

uppdroitt adj. (ON uppþreyttr) 1. tired, exhausted; 2. laid up, not quite well; 3. suffering from an imagined ilness

uppeta vs. 1. to eat up; 2. to make one angry

uppfostra vw. to rear, foster

uppger nf. (ON uppgerð) change for the worse in the weather

uppge(f)ster nm. odal-born person who surrenders his property to another

uppgiven adj. given up as hopeless

uppglopenen adj. 1. hasty; 2. choleric; 3. aggressive

upphald nn. support, maintenance

upphalda vw. to support, maintain, esp. with food; = halda upp (= to cease, of rain)

upphelli nf. (ON upphelgr, upphelgi) the 5th day before Christmass

upphellidag nm. Upphelli-A', the 24th day after Christmass = Antonmass

uppi adv. (ON uppi) above; at vara uppi to be alive; dað er ingen uppi at kan sija

uppilagst adj. (Fær. uppilagstur) ill, unwell

uppkast nn. 1. bringing into discussion, putting forward an opinionor proposal; 2. a reproach also coming to light

uppkomin nf. appearance, coming to light

upplopen, -lupen adj. 1. that easily flares up; 2. impetuous

uppløsa vw. 1. to bring forward; 2. to reveal somethingsecret

uppumjora, -øra adv. (ON upp um eyra) up around the ear; at halda e-t uppumjorato have something kept aside or hidden (prop. behind the ear); at legga uppumjora to put aside;at ligga uppumjora to lie hidden

uppset nn. 1. spring (of water); 2. setting up, raising; 3. support; 4. assistance; 5.enrichment, embellishment; 6. good catch; 7. iron. sweetheart

uppskod nn. place where sea-bottom rises (shoots up)

uppslag nn. 1. sudden thaw; 2. great disturbance; 3. end of a difficult journey

uppspre(i)tta nf. 1. a spring (of water), which suddenly spings up; 2. disturbance in a house

uppstander nm. one or something standing erect

uppstiklet adj. stiff, naughty in manners

uppstø nf. (ON uppstöð?) fishing buoy attached to the end of a lone

upptak nn. 1. change for the worse (in the weather); 2. an ability to understand; hannj hever ikke upptak i sjer; gud at upptaki; glegg i upptakenu; 3. pl. accounts, expenses

ura nn. (ON eyra) hillock < ear; flitandi uppå hvart ura moving about from hill to hill (of a sheep)

uram nm. (ON hárhamr, hö’rhamr) grain of leather, hairy side of skin

urd nf. 1. a heap of fragments of rock; 2. a big boulder

urek nm. (ON ør-) a very small creature or thing

urek nm. (ON úr) bolge-water

urekura vw. (ON órakúra) 1. to doze, be half-asleep; 2. to be unwell and dispirited

urt nf. (ON *urpt, vurpt) casting, laying of eggs

uru nf. (ON úró) commotion in the sea

us nm. (ON áss, ǫ'ss) 1. extensove bank or elevation in the sea-bottom

us nm. (Nor. os) place in the sea where the tide runs swiftly

usjuna nf. (ON Nor. utjona) insufferable or unwelcome people

uskablig adj. unshapely, deformed; ugly in shape

uskepta nf. 1. progress; 2. successful performance of a work

uskjoggalig adj. carelessly and improperly performed

usoinjdalig adj. 1. that is unlucky to see or meet; 2. unsightly, repulsive

usoindig = 1. usoindalig; 2. unpleasant

uster nm. (ON austr) 1. bailing out water; bilge-water in a boat; 2. check, discipline, authority

ustra vw. to act with (too great) authoritativeness

ut adv. out, out from land or to sea (= fram); ut efter; at få ut inn under to recover from illness; hannj fekk vel ut inn under it he got well after it;  ut inn under! gently! go easy! utå 1. later; 2. gradually; ut å dagenon later in the day; ut til to the very last; ut til helljar the last of a series of Sundays; vinden er faren ut til the wind is gone outward;

ut veð 1. south-easterly or southerly (wind); 2. outwards, alongside; du ert ut av minon jogon you're so changed that I can't recognize you

utavedeks adv. (ON utangarðs + Shet. Sc. uta-dike's) outside the fenced home-field; innavedeks

utavidd adj. (ON útvídd) odd-looking

utbord nm. row of peats

uterlig adj. outer

utfallj nn. outward tide from the shore at the setting in of ebb

utful nm. (ON útfugl) 1. a wild bird; utfulegg

utgeng nm. 1. setting out, departure; 2. exit; 3. end, termination; utgeng årsens

uthaf nn. fishing-grounds on the high seas = framhaf

uthus nn. outhouse

uti adv. ouside; mitt heved er uti my head is aching; at vara uti after e-u to meet with bad luck; dað var uti fyri honon he had bad luck all the time

utið adv. (ON útíð) untimely

utiða(r) adj.indecl. (ON útíðar) 1. that comes or does his works at the wrong time; 2.slow, indolent

utiðlig adj. (ON útíðligr) 1. that usually comes too late; 2. untimely; unlucky; 3. harsh, unpleasant; 4. dull

utlandisk adj. (ON útlenzkr) 1. foreign; 2. not born in Fetlar (Fe.); 3. ugly, repulsive-looking

utmaga, -mjaga, -måga vw. 1. to exhaust; 2. to weaken, tire out

utmanket adj. utterly exhausted, weakened

utnes nn. projecting ness, point

utoitlig adj. (ON úþyðligr) 1. uncomely in appearance, bad-looking and undersized; 2.peevish, fretful

utråg nn. (ON útrák) 1. backwash of the waves; 2. offshore tide; 3. row of something spread out (peats)

utrollet adj. 1. untidy, careless about dress; 2. sulky, peevish

utset nn. extension of a cultivated allotment, new land bought

utskattalernm. one who is outside skattald

utsk(j)umpet adj.: fishing-ground too much exploited > bare of fish; utskjumpet grund =båren grund

utslokket adj. extinguished (of fire); utslokket eld, birtek

uttak nn. 1. taking out (things bought on a credit); 2. expense(s); 3. durability

utvidd adj. strange, peculiar; see utavidd

utvinna vs. 1. to accomplish (work); 2. to cultivate soil in spring

utø adj. (ON úþýðr) uncomely, bad-looking

uvar adj. 1. unnoticed; 2. not fished for a long time; uvar grund - opp. to båren [reket, utskjumpet] grund

uvara adv. unaware(s), sudden(ly)

uvard adj. 1. unaware, heedless, headlong; 2. unawares, having too great speed; 3. unnoticed, not exploited, not visited (place)

uvedrevatsgarð nm. (ON úveðr(a)-vatnsgarðr) 1. halo round the moon; 2. heavy rain

uvild nf. close, drizzling rain

uvirpalig adj. (ON úvǫrpuligr) hard-handed, rough and careless


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